Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, March 08, 2007


The original gang leader was being punished for a crime. This put M.H. (my husband) in charge. He was proud to become gang leader in place of his cousin. The cousin had stolen a gun – a toy gun from the general store. The punishment was being administered by the cousin’s mother. She grounded him and sentenced the cousin to mow the neighbor’s lawn for free all summer.

M.H. was a second grader when he became gang leader by default. He took this power seriously.

Ellis, a pesky, local boy, wanted to join the gang. M.H. believed Ellis was too young for serious gang business. Ellis, about four years old, was not even in school. Ellis begged and begged so finally M.H. told Ellis he could join the gang if he got them some cigarettes. M.H. did not believe this pre-school punk could manage such a challenge.

Needless to say, Ellis met the task and showed up with a pack of KOOL cigarettes and a bonus plug of chewing tobacco. The boys had seen men chew tobacco. They had not noticed the men spitting the tobacco.

M.H. was chewing and swallowing. M.H. suddenly remembered some "gang business" he had to take care of elsewhere. He made his excuses and left the gang (which was only Ellis as far as I can tell) and he headed for the house. He had to stop periodically to vomit. By the time this 7 year-old boy arrived home, his mother noticed he was deathly ill and put him right to bed.

Dad came home from work and the worried mom took him to the sick child. Dad took a look and immediately announced M.H. had been chewing tobacco. There was something about a pale ring it caused around the lips. All sympathy for the sick child disappeared.

M.H. gave up gang life in 1946


  1. LOL.....I am glad he's back to the straight and narrow.

  2. that is a great story!!!!

  3. Wow he was a thug once!