Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, February 05, 2007


I am attempting to post a picture to my blog. I was able to post one (1) (UNO) with ease after changing to the new blogger. Now I cannot post a single, solitary photo and I get a code bx-t8j6yl. The error tells me to report this number to receive instructions for correcting. The big problem is I can't find any place to report the code. Any suggestions anyone????????


  1. don't know what to tell ya, but that's why I can't stand converting to the new version of anything!

  2. I haven't had that problem yet. I haven't tried to put up any pictures since I switched. I wish I was more help.

    I sure hope Sprinkle comes back. I'm not giving up on her!

  3. I get the same error message and am not able to post with Picasa.
    You can send an email to:

    This is the same horror I had when I volunteered to try beta last summer. I created a non-beta site and had to copy/paste pictures from that site to Jill's World.

    Sunday blogger forced the non-betas to migrate,and now I'm totally unable to post pictures.

    One more day and I will be shopping for a new blog host.