Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Beth got a call-back for the part of Amaryllis in The Music Man and will try out again on Saturday. Fingers are crossed.

Mike scored for his team at his basketball game on Saturday.

Ryan goes to a meeting Thursday night preparing him to become a High School FRESHMAN!!!!! (Pick this granny up off the floor!)

Poor little Hope has a virus. She does not have strep throat, as her mother suspected. The doctor says the virus will simply have to run its course.

The chickens are laying eggs again.

One of the Silkie chickens disappears every evening in the hen house. She always reappears in the morning. I have tried and tried to see where she hides, but I cannot find her. I do not know why she does not roost with the rest of the chickens. I have looked high (in the rafters) and low (under the straw and hay) and unless she is tunneling through the ground, she simply becomes invisible once she crosses the threshold into the pen.

Ron is checking the lake reports daily as we prepare to start our early morning fishing expeditions. Yesterday we checked out the heated boat dock near our house and met the owners and some of the regulars. Seems like a good bunch to fish with. We did learn however that you can’t keep the crappie unless they are ten inches long or more.

I am listening daily to audio tapes of my maternal grandmother. I used to visit her once or twice a week and she would read her prepared notes as I recorded her vocal recollections from her journals. It is so warm and wonderful to listen to her beautiful voice and remember her smiles as she would talk about her childhood, her marriage to my grandfather, their four children and her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. My grandmother lived past her 99th birthday and into her 100th year with a sharp mind and strong body almost to the very end.

My brother-in-law has returned to his office this week for a few hours a day. He has recently recovered from pneumonia. We are so thankful!

Right now I hear Slim. It seems she has gotten herself trapped under the house again. I don’t know where she gets under the house and she obviously forgets where she got under the house, so I have to go out and open the crawl space so she can exit.

T.T.F.N. (ta-ta for now)

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