Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, November 13, 2006


Boo Hoo – Jasmine’s First Place cheerleading troupe does not get to go to Regionals. One of the girls broke an arm in practice and because their routine was geared for twelve girls and there were exactly twelve girls on the team, none can go. There is not enough time to teach a new routine before the competition on Thanksgiving (even though Grandpa did volunteer this Granny Annie to learn their gig and fill in. LOL) (Oh yes, and there is proper sympathy for the poor girl who broke her arm)

We have a new refrigerator. It is a huge Samsung, stainless magnificent refrigerator/freezer from Lowe's and Ron is practically remodeling the entire kitchen to get it in the space where the old refrigerator sits. The new appliance looks like a pagan idol sitting in my vintage kitchen. It was a hoot seeing the two of us simply getting the new refrigerator inside the house. Thankfully Ron was a pyramid builder in his first life and can use brains rather than brawn to overcome huge obstacles.

Ron is a bit miffed at me for being as excited about the box the refrigerator came in. He just doesn’t understand the importance of a jail for the Williams boys or a fortune teller’s booth for Elenore.

Speaking of Elenore – Ron and I went to their cabin in Tahlequah on Saturday and after we were served a delicious feast of chili, we took a pitcher of bloody Mary’s and headed for the boat dock to go for a tour on their new boat. The boys did the driving while Elenore and I and the pitcher sat in the warm cuddy cabin and visited and laughed and quietly feared for our lives. We had a great time, of course. Is there ever such thing as a “bad time” with Elenore and David?

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