Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, October 06, 2006


How can we condemn the protestors who planned to crash the Amish girls’ funerals? The entire world crashed those funerals with the help of the media.

Knowing the Amish do not wish to be photographed, the media sneaks closeups of members of the community and publishes them. The Amish carriages had to pass streams of media satellite vans in order to have the funerals. We give the media license by looking at the pictures and watching their coverage.

You know a movie is probably already in the works about these killings. I have already seen jokes starting about the killings. The quiet, close-knit Amish community has become fodder for our favorite frenzied cry, “Breaking News!” That makes it right and means we own it.

I wonder if we couldn’t just withdraw from their community now and let them grieve in peace.


  1. I didnt watch the news so I missed it, i know the story , i feel so bad for them :(

  2. did you hear about the radio host in ny that bribed the phelps family in topeka to keep them from picketing the funerals? he was a hero. they were determined to bring their hate to pennsylvania, like they have done to the soldier funerals. anyway, this radio host convinced them to sign a contract to stay away in exchange for one hour of air time on his show. they took him up on it and stayed away. how do the phelps freaks get all their money to up and fly to ny on the spur of the moment??