Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Elenore and I went to Tulsa together yesterday. We enjoyed a nice day and wonderful visit with our mother.

It was Elenore's idea for us to go together and it worked out great. Our house is right on Elenore's path to Tulsa, so she just stopped and got me and continued on. Hopefully we can do this a lot more.

Print and Elaine had visited mother on Tuesday, so she was very happy. When they were there, they got mother's watch repaired and they filled her cabinet with Heath and Hershey bars.

We got new batteries for mother's wall clock and restocked her kleenex supply. We also took her some Hershey bars. It is good to know we fixed her up with kleenex so she can wipe her mouth off after she eats the chocolate we ALL brought her. Ha, ha, ha.

Mother doesn't usually get caught up in the news stories, but she was taken by the terrible shooting of the Amish girls. She was remembering her cousin from Pennsylvania who had always had Amish girls working in her home.

Ron and I are off to Iowa next week for another ship reunion. This one is for the USS Prairie. We are looking for Tandy and the children to visit this weekend and hopefully we'll have our boat back from the shop ready to water test it.

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