Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, September 02, 2006


We made our last run to Kansas before our trip to California. Now it is time for me to get to work. Today I will begin laundry, ironing, listing, etc. Before we leave I need to complete a long list. Ron says, "What's the big deal. I could have us ready to go in 30 minutes." (Nevermind the fact he was used to "getting underway" with the help of at least 100 sailors at his disposal!)

We attend his ship reunions every year. We travel with snacks, drinks, cameras, clothes, cosmetics, accessories. He expects everything to be organized so his wish will be my every command. No matter how hard I challenge myself to have everything we will need, something will go missing or not be available and the "Chief" will snort.

Maybe he is right. We could just back the van up to the house and I could start throwing stuff in. We could probably be ready to go in less than 30 minutes.

We will have a wonderful time and we do travel well together. I look forward to these trips. Our perfect love and compatible relationship is just another of nature's many miracles.

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