Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Slim, our new dog, has a collection. I have mentioned it in my blog before. She rearranges it occasionally and she adds to it often. If we try to throw away any of her collectables, she manages to retrieve them and place them back with the collection.

We arrived home from St. Louis yesterday with our new boat in tow. I noticed Slim’s collection was near the door. As I headed toward the house something in the pile caught my eye. It was something that moved.

Closer inspection revealed a brand new baby kitten! The kitten’s eyes were not even open. Slim was happy for me to view her newest acquisition and Slim picked up the kitten to show me better how nicely it fit in her mouth.

I tried to remain calm and took the kitten as soon as Slim laid it down. I carried this tiny baby to the back porch where Jet, (our black female cat) and Soccer Ball, (our grey and white female cat) were awaiting their dinner. Jet sniffed the baby and snubbed it. Soccer Ball did not hesitate to grab the kitten and run off with her offspring in her mouth. I did not even know Soccer Ball was expecting.

I doubt this kitten will survive, but at least she has a better chance back with her mother and probably other siblings. Slim did not mean any harm. I shall check her collection carefully from now on.

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