Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, August 21, 2006


Yesterday afternoon Nora and Grant visited their Great Auntie Chicken Annie. They arrived with three zombies in tow -- Grandma Elenore, Aunt Christy and Mama Karen.

I know their day started out with the most wonderful aspirations. It was baby Grant's debut. A trip to Tulsa to see Granny GG, Uncle Print and Aunt Elaine. They did enjoy their lunch and visit, but by the time they got to my house we had to pray that they would have enough steam remaining to make the last hurdle home.

While the adults weren't much to write home about, the children were mezmerizing. Nora has a Tommy Brock smile. A beautiful grin breaks out in her porcelain doll face, she wrinkles her nose and her big blue eyes sparkle. Grant can make almost that same face but it is only for his mama.

I thought it was so impressive when I ask Karen, "When will Scott arrive?" and she said, "Wednesday" and Nora, who was eavesdropping turned toward me and said, (with her capturing smile) "Daddy is coming Wednesday." For a two-year-old to follow the conversation and put that logic together was unbelievable. Nora also said, "No, no chickens", "No, no doggy" and "No, no fly!" She just wasn't very impressed with our nature world. She did like the cats though.

I was glad to show them our new place and Ron was happy to take Christy for a tour of the area. Plus, she managed to climb up in our new boat and give us the thumbs up on our purchase.

It was wonderful to have them here if even for a minute. We hope they will all return another day when they can remember having been here. Bless their little peapickin' hearts. Thank you for coming.

Love you guys!

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  1. our trip to fairland was the highlight yesterday. thanks for your wonderful hospitality. it is better than going to the zoo!!! "no chickens!" : ) love you