Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Annie's song is TOMORROW!

Jessi will be here tomorrow. She is coming for a friend's wedding. I will pick her up at there airport in Tulsa. I will take her to fit her bride maid's dress, then we will pick up Ryan, Dillon and Beth and head for New NOL-NOC. This will be Jessi's first visit since we moved.

Chelle, Mike and Hope will meet us here. Tomorrow night will be a "sleep over" to end all sleep overs. I can't wait to have two of my girls and five of my grandkids and lots of silly stuff. There just will not be time for watching GREASE and URBAN COWBOY, HOT STUFF and SHAG or sing the Cops song or watch all the family videos, or make new video, or talk about what has happened to each of us over the last year, or talk about what we're all doing right now. We won't have enough time to paint any rooms and Jessi certainly won't let us give her a bouffant hairdo or put make up on her. We'll all want Jessi to ourselves and the grandkids will be the biggest bullies for her time. I don't know where Ron will hide, but I'm sure he'll find a secluded corner.

There is a possibility of rain, but even if it does rain, I know that..... the sun will come out TOMORROW!

(Okay Travis, this will make you the only straggler. You best start making plans to head this way.)

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