Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, July 17, 2006


Slim and Phoebe are strange “bedfellows”. Slim, (our robust, chicken-herding pup) and Phoebe, (the Queen hen, last of the Golden Girls) have developed an interesting and unusual bond.

Their evening tango begins around 8:00. That is the current chicken bedtime. Slim puts the chickens away, leaving Phoebe for last. If Phoebe goes in early, Slim will run the rest of the chickens back out of the pen in order to get Phoebe back out.

Phoebe battles with Slim. The other chickens, including the roosters, ignore Slim, but not my Golden Girl. She seems to goad Slim into a feud every evening.

The other night Slim grabbed a mouthful of Phoebe’s tail feathers and held on for dear life, trying to keep Phoebe from running away. Slim had her feet dug in and Phoebe was pulling forward with all her might. Phoebe managed to escape, leaving some prime tail feathers hanging out of Slim’s mouth. Instead of leaving the immediate vicinity, she turned and continued playing with Slim.

It absolutely amazes us to see a dog and chicken play together and develop a special friendship. We, at first, thought Slim might harm Phoebe, until we actually saw Phoebe seek out the dog to begin their unusual evening dance.

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