Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, July 21, 2006


Mike and Hope have been with us since Monday. We have been having a delightful time regardless of the extreme heat. Mike is only disappointed that he did not get to work this trip and earn some money. I will have to reward him some way for helping me the way he has.

Mike is such a trooper when it comes to watching out for his sister. Hope is a wildcat and needs watching every second. Last night I tucked her in bed with the usual story and her nightly prayers. I went back to check on her a few minutes later and she was gone. Her little bed was empty and I searched high and low for her. I ran through the house calling her name and got Mike and Ron in the act of searching when I heard a tiny voice saying, "I'm going to sleep here tonight." Hope was under the bed! I should have known to look there first.

This was the first time Hope has been away from her parents for more than one night. It has been hard on her but she only broken down once. It was sad to watch her sob into her pillow and cry for her mommy.

Mike had attended church camp last week, and Hope had wanted to stay at camp with him. To calm her, she was told this week she would be at Granny's Camp. She did stay busy with drawing projects, helping Granny prepare meals and watching old family videos. She loved the family videos and she loved watching and dancing to her Wiggles video. Hope sings constantly and has an awfully good voice for a four-year-old.

How did we entertain Mike? You cannot entertain Mike. He is very independent and found numerous ways to occupy his time. He loves computer games and animals, so this is always heaven to him.

I am going to sob into my pillow when they go home :(

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