Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dear Mother:

Today is a big day. Elenore, David and Christy are in Kansas City. David will have an angiogram to view his arteries and the doctor's might determine that he will need another stent. If he does, they will go ahead and add one today. It is such a common procedure these days, but it is still worthy of prayer and concern. I know you are with them as we all are this day in heart, mind and spirit.

Today is a day for rejoicing with Chelle and Kit as they celebrate their 13th year of marriage. They are such a loving and happy couple and certainly have learned the secret of a good marriage and a strong family. I believe Chelle studied her Granny Elizabeth and her Grandpa Owen very carefully and learned very well.

We still have Jasmine visiting us and we will be in Tulsa later this week so she can visit with you. It was great having Terri and the boys here too for a few days but they have already gone back to San Diego. Their visit was much too short.

I had a lengthy phone conversation with Print yesterday. Isn't that strange. He told me lots of things that are going on with them. I can't remember a time in recent years that Print has been able to actually chat on the phone and share so much information without interruption. I think he's getting into retirement and enjoying it a lot.

It is Monday and now we are all off to begin a new week. We hope yours is a good one and we look forward to seeing you Wednesday and Thursday.

Lots and lots of love!
Ann, Ron and Jasmine.....and Slim and Soccer Ball, Jenny, Jet, and the chickens.

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