Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Retired Bishop Blake used the word "authentic" to describe my brother. It was my favorite word of the day and it fit my sil (sister-in-law) as well. An authentic pair retiring after 41 1/2 years in the ministry as part of the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference.

My favorite phrase of the day was the quote from a Tom T. Hall song about "feeding the hogs". You never know where a preacher might come up with spiritual meaning. Thanks Norman for being so succinct.

Friends and family were allowed to express their love and respect for the retiring couple and it was a beautiful day of tributes and fellowship. We were so very honored to be there and to be a part of such a grand celebration.

Melissa spoke for the children and moved us to tears with her loving tribute for their mom and dad.

My sister and I had a minor part on the program, and while we threatened to do something like the Aunt's Dance that we performed at niece's wedding a few years ago, we actually tried to be a bit more dignified. We collaborated on our talk but Elenore was truly the poet of the day with this offering:

The Reverend Doctor JPG
Is the title of this honoree.

Born the son of Owen and Liz
He turned out to be quite a whiz.

The smartest thing he ever did
Was marry that cute El Reno kid.

This preachers wife was much, much more.
Elaine, family and friend we all adore.

From pulpit to moving a preacher or two
Jim, Old Man, you're finally through.

A well deserved break for this special pair
As they enter retirement and Medicare.

We send our thanks, our love and prayers
Godspeed, have fun! Rich life be theirs!


And I can sum this up by stating PRIDE was the feeling of the day for this baby sister.

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