Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, March 03, 2006


If you are feeling a bit strange these days and somewhat discombobulated, simply look at birds and other animals and know what this wierd weather does. If it affects nature's other creatures, you know it has to affect us as well. First my one hen got broody and hatched three chicks in November. Now my Australorps and Rhode Island Reds are molting early. Egg production has risen as the weather has become spring-like.

We have seen Robins getting a drink at the stock tank very early this year. Our evening drives give us the opportunity to view newborn calves and lambs everywhere. In the early morning hours we can hear all the coyote babies yapping at their howling parents. Instead of continuing their flight south for the winter, the geese have stopped anyplace they can find water. (Which, by the way, is becoming very scarce around here.)

Yesterday we had to turn on the airconditioning in the house. This morning I had to turn on the heater. Rain is predicted for tomorrow. We are doubtful it will happen. Everyone we know is having allergic attacks. I have a terrible headache just from thinking about all this.

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