Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Sunday, January 22, 2006


It is getting to that time of year. I am starting to feel the pull of eBay. We have quite a few "commodities" set aside for listing and now it is time to start taking photos and preparing the listings. Why I continue to do this is beyond me. It is somewhat lucrative, it is often fun, it is a social outlet for our secluded life, it is challenging AND it is totally a pain in the butt! Does that mean I am a masochist?

Maybe I can do better with eBay than I'm doing with my chickens right now. Needless to say, the eggs loaded with hot pepper and tobasco did not work. The egg-eating chickens actually like them. I think they must be part goat. I did manage to make enough trips to the hen house yesterday to rescue 15 eggs before they could be devoured. I can't imagine what we will do next, but I will keep reading.

Besides watching chickens, I am enjoying other bird watching. We have a large stock tank outside our front door and catch rain water. (Needless to say it has been a while since any was added -- oh boy, do we need rain!) Anyway, it has turned into a bird oasis and I can look out the door window to see a wide varity of birds seeking respite. At times it can be frightening when I recall scenes from Hitchcock's THE BIRDS.

I am killing time as I await word from my children telling about my daughter's birthday celebration. She and three of her girlfriends celebrated in Tulsa. All left their children with the dads. They kidnapped my son as their designated driver and designated dancer. I appointed myself the designated worrier. Are they really all in their 30's? It seems like they are still mama's babies.

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  1. ebay is ALOT of work!!! I am secluded also even though Im right in the middle of everything!!