Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, January 06, 2006


I'm not sure if this is legitimate pet adoption, but I am adopting the neighbor's dog. Our neighbors have a Rottweiler that roams free. I have been intimidated by this dog for quite some time. Our small, rural town does not have a leash law.

My chickens free-range in the evenings and I have to stand guard to make sure the dog does not chase them. It wears me out trying to protect the chickens and protect myself.

Evening observation has led me to gain confidence in the friendly nature of this young dog. It is a young dog and is home alone all day and seems very lonely and eager for attention. We purchased some nice dog biscuits the other day and I have been speaking nicely to this dog and throwing a few biscuits to him. Tonight I sat on the tailgate of the pickup and lured Mr. Rottweiler to me until he finally took a biscuit out of my hand and let me pat him.

This might be the best way to have a pet. Let him visit, give him an occasional treat, play with him and pet him, then send him home. If he is with me when the chickens are out of the pen, then I don't have to worry about him chasing them.


  1. he sounds sweet :) you should name him mr. lumpy grizzle....lump for short

  2. talk to my friend joan tweet. she raised their rotten waller from a pup and he was her side kick. one day out of the blue, he turned on her and would have killed her if it had not been for the interference of their scruffy terrier muffy. there were witnesses and joan is lucky she was not alone. STAY AWAY FROM THAT DOG!!!