Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, December 23, 2005


Ron picked me up at work and we went downtown to the court house. We purchased a marriage license and requested a judge. The last judge had left for the holidays, so they gave us the phone number of a chaplain who might be able to help. The minister showed up at the court house chapel, out of breath and wearing a jogging suit. He performed the ceremony with clerical witnesses. We were legally wed.

Next we drove to OMM to break the news to Mother. She was shocked, but handled it well and gave us her blessings. After all, Ron had ask Mother on the 15th if he could marry me before he took me to the jeweler to select my engagement ring.

Ron took me back to the bank and before I started to work, we announced that we had gotten married on my lunch break. We had planned to get married in February, so this took everyone by surprise. One young man inquired if I was pregnant. I laughed since I was already long past menopause but didn't bother to explain to him the positive income tax aspect of our wedding date. Young people don't understand that older people make practical decisions but are no less romantic.

That evening Ron took me to S&J Oyster Bar for our wedding dinner. He found a tiny pearl in his oyster. Of course I still have it.

I had gotten Ron a wedding band and I was married with my grandmother's wedding band. Later that evening Ron learned on computer that my grandmother's parents had been married on this same date in 1887.

I met this man seven years ago and married him six years ago today. He promised me a life of laughter and abject poverty. He is keeping his promises and I have never been happier. I love you Ron! Happy Anniversary.


  1. How Sweet!

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. that is so nice :)

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  3. this one made me cry my sister.