Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, December 09, 2005


Yesterday I posted Joey's birthday limerick. Next Wednesday I will post Ryan's and then I will have fulfilled the challenge I gave myself to write a limerick for each immediate family member's birthday in 2005. (You have to go to my old blog to see Chelle's and Jessi's). Anyway, that's not anything I will do again.

Don't let it snow, don't let it snow, don't let it snow. We have all we need and Chelle and Kit definitely have all they need with having received 10 inches. Our journey from Oklahoma to Kansas revealed about the same amount of snow. We had to run to Tulsa to get Ron treated for his brown recluse spider bite! Yes, he was bitten over 15 days ago and has been trying to doctor it himself. Long story. Anyway, he's getting treatment and is finally feeling better. Yes, now we are going to call exterminator to rid ourselves of the spiders.

We left Tandy smiling and hopeful. He is still not employed but he keeps a positive attitude and had some good prospects. We are ever prayerful.

We only caught a brief glimpse of Ryan, Dillon and Beth but they looked great and Beth had a new haircut and looked gorgeous!

Thankfully the chickens survived the cold in our absence. I haven't been down yet this morning but am hopeful they are still alive. The babies were the ones I worried most about and they seemed the healthiest. Poor little Lily looked awful and somehow had gotten trapped outside in the snow. She and three others were afraid to move and I had to encourage them back in the house. Oh, I dread going down there today but I will think positively!

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