Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blame The Finger People

Our latest evening conversation led Ron to recall his first day of school. He returned home after his first day vowing to never return. All they did at school was play. If you know Ron you know he takes studies seriously.

This conversation caused me to recall my niece Karen’s first day at school. She left for school excited only to return home angry because she had not learned to read that day.

Chelle and I were discussing these stories on the phone and Chelle laughed about Hope. She said Hope, age 3, only wants to go to school to ride the bus. She sees her big brother Mike get on the bus every morning and return home in the evening on the bus. During the day when Hope is out with her mother and they see a school bus, Hope waves to Mike, believing he is on it. Chelle’s guess is that Hope believes school is riding the bus all day.

Hope does not live in the same fantasy world the rest of us did. She does not respond to made up characters, talking dolls or puppets. Hope has finger people for imaginary friends. Chelle said they had to inform Hope that her finger people were no longer invited to the dinner table. They run around the rim of Hope’s plate and dive into the milk, etc.

Yesterday Hope was caught sneaking sticks of butter to eat. You have to wonder what exactly is in butter by what happened next. Hope tore into all the Christmas presents under the tree. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Hope’s fault. It had to be the finger people

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  1. does she have any finger people named TOMMY that say "REDRUM! REDRUM!" ???