Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lovers not Fighters

This morning we did it. We clipped the teenagers' and the babies' wings. It was quite a show. It had to be done with five of them now escaping the pen during the day and facing imminent death. Too many dogs running across our property.

Ron and I both went inside the hen house and I grabbed each chicken and held it while he did the clipping. It is just like cutting fingernails. The girls were all pretty feisty. The two roosters, Oreo and Tom-Twyla, were almost docile. I saved them for last, expecting them to really get after me. They were more interested in getting it over with and getting outside with the ladies.

Oreo and Tom-Twyla both prefer older women. Tom-Twyla going after the older ladies and Oreo going after the teenagers. Boss Hog watching and laughing because all the women were protesting their admirers. He knows he is the one they All want.

Boss Hog has never had his wings clipped. He has always managed to fight his way out of my grasp. It doesn't matter, because he flew out of the pen once when he was a teenager and he realized he left all the girls behind. He never did that again.

Yep, the two young roosters are lovers (they think they are anyway) and not fighters. Boss Hog is both.

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  1. there is something about the way you describe chicken life that makes me want to be one. : )