Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, October 03, 2005


Get ready ladies, we’re going to hear the attacks, condescending attitudes and feel the patting on our silly little heads again. Hopefully Harriet Miers is a “pit bull” because in just over six hours we have persons who know all, see all, and interpret “Bushspeak” by replacing spoken words with those unspoken truisms. (I can’t find their dictionary, so I’m unable to verify the translations.)

The strangest thing I have heard this morning was the statement, “I had hoped Bush would appoint a minority.” Since when was a 60 year old woman NOT a double minority?

So far I see one heck of a woman who has achieved levels of success above and beyond the glass ceiling. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and I’m going to pray that she can withstand the good-old-boys club and the back-stabbing jealous witches club (we are our own worst enemies) and rise to the role of Justice by her hard earned success.

She has been a contributor to many campaigns of Democrats as well as Republicans including Gore’s 2000 Presidential Campaign. How much more bipartisan can we ask that she be?


  1. most aritculate response that i have heard. good luck to this woman but i have to admit my only concern....she is like a priest. how can she judge the issues of family when she has never been married or had a child. just a tiny bit troubling.

  2. The hostile, masculine work environment 35 years ago would never have allowed a married woman with children to achive the level of success Harriet Mier reached. I have to admire her for making it on her own and I have to believe she is a "pit bull" because I have known and respected women like her. They sacrificed their personal lives to push past that glass ceiling. She's one of those pioneers who cleared the way for our daughters.