Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We are back from our ship reunion. Boo Hoo -- yes, I'm sad that it is over.

All thirty chickens are present and accounted for. Hip, Hip Hooray!

Our trip to Branson was absolutely wonderful. I think that I went around like a real country mouse with my eyes wide open, my jaw slack, tears in my eyes most of the time, emitting lots of squeals and squeaks of joy and lots of hand clapping. Either it was truly a fantastic place to be or I just spend way too much time in Kansas and everything outside our door delights me!

Was it the man I was with? Was it the particular group of sailors we met with? Was it the fact that the reunion was in Branson? Was it the fact that there is entertainment in every corner of Branson? Was it the fact that Veterans are welcomed, treated, toasted, thanked and honored at every corner of Branson. Or, was it simply that the last reunion we attended was so awful, this one had to be good?

It was all of the above and I cried when we left. Yes, we had a good time and I was proud to be with my husband and every one of his shipmates and their spouses. If laughter is the best medicine, we’re set for at least a year of good health.

Without writing a book about everything we saw, here are links to some of the entertainment:

Veterans Memorial Museum

Grand Plaza Hotel

Hardwork U The College of the Ozarks

A favorite performer Todd Oliver

Hotel entertainer Kenny Parrott

We saw Lost In The 50's Show at the Starlite Theatre

Wine tasting at the Stone Hill Winery (Ron and I both passed but enjoyed watching the others.

Charlie's Steak House entertainer was Rebecca Dawn

Best country and best musicians were at Lit'l Nashville Show

Their favored entertainer was Wally Barbee

And, of course, The Showboat Branson Belle

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