Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

What Is Your Plan

Oh my goodness there is a lot of finger pointing going on in blog world and the media. Please share your plan of success since you are such informed armchair generals. Just where would you have placed the National Guard, the rescue materials, including trucks, buses, ships and supplies? Those items had to be moved out of the danger areas before the hurricane hit and then moved back in to the areas that needed them most. Katrina was wishy-washy, and did not take the planned path as we saw it. She did what all disasters of nature do, she did her own thing. She started out hitting the tip of Florida as a category one. She was predicted to hit downtown New Orleans. Instead she moved to Biloxi gulf port and North thru Mississippi. There was a time when it appeared that New Orleans had dodged the bullet and we saw images of people in the French Quarter rejoicing. Then came the flooding followed by a second tragedy of the levee bursting. According to Lt. Gen Honoree, their response was restricted due to the uncertainty of mother nature's path. I actually heard one radio broadcaster making a mockery of all the hub-bub because the hurricane had not caused the planned destruction. We all saw journalists pretending to stand in the hurricane winds and playing games of "watch our coats and hats blow around as we pretend to be in danger". So, who would think there was truly any real danger if these guys and gals could withstand the high winds. People made choices. Some choices were good ones. Some choices were extremely bad ones. Some people were trapped by economic resources. It was three days before anyone ever heard of the people stranded in the Civic Center. How can you repair what you don't know about? American needs to hear applause right now. Welcoming arms are reaching out. We are all doing what we can to help and to provide refuge for our fellow citizens. Those of us from Tornado areas know that you can't blame the President for natural disasters. Who would ever have dreamed that this tragedy would become a platform for so many political agendas. It simply amazes me and is truly taking up too much of my time that I should to be spending on delivering aid and assistance to those in need.

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