Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Last month we won the conservation rate challenge. We've been doing great this month, so I turned airconditioners higher yesterday. Our averaging skyrocketed and if the meter reader was due today, we would have lost our low rate. Therefore I am sweating today and will be until after the 15th. Oh woe is me.

Still I celebrate the fact that this is our 345th anniversary. Ron and I met 345 weeks ago on a Tuesday and every Tuesday is our anniversary. Before then I had no idea about things like conservation rates.

Jessi should have a lower electric bill this month. However, it did not sound like the blackout in LA yesterday affected her home. I went through mild panic as I attempted to reach her by phone. Her cell phone was out, but roommate answered at the house and gave me assurances that all would be well.

All is wonderfully well with Chelle. She went back to business as normal yesterday and by evening she did not seem any worse for the wear. We are so thankful for her great diagnosis and opportunity for healing.

I may have lost NYPD Blue on Tuesday night, but have gained Boston Legal which Ron also enjoys, so we can celebrate by watching and laughing together.

Soon we are off to the USS Harlan R. Dickson ship reunion. We will be in Kentucky until the 25th. Can't wait to get on the road.

Happy Birthday Milton! Yes, I'm a few months ahead of you but we're both facing the big 60 next year. We better make this last year in our 50's a spectacular year -- right?

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  1. I read the meter wrong. When Ron came in and I told him and he had a heart attack, he refigured the usage and I had made an error. Well, aren't we supposed to learn from our mistakes?