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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is our charity of choice. The American Red Cross may have cleaned up its act, but The Salvation Army has always gotten help to the needy and you can count on them.

My eyes hurt from the mass quantity of tears that have been shed since Monday. I have attempted to imagine what a horrible nightmare this has to be for people. Yes, I said for people. All people caught there in the mess brought on by natural disaster, not by man. Plus living in fear in the mash of terrorists choosing to kill and rape and pillage adding such insult to injury.

Yesterday this turned into a race issue. The Black Caucus leader stood up with his constituents and turned compassion into conflict. Perhaps he would have gained more sympathy had he been standing waist deep in water in New Orleans handing out aid and helping rescue people while he delivered his speech. He blamed the wealthy and the Government. He didn't say "white wealthy, but he did emphasize poor black". The fellow himself looked fairly affluent as did the group of cheerleaders he had standing behind him. Then some rapper last night made a mockery of all the aid efforts by playing the race card again and blaming the President for the disaster.

America is pulling together to save Americans. We must accept that and cheer on the efforts to gain control along the ravaged Gulf coast. We must not allow any divide to add to the chaos. We are showing the world how we care for our own. This is our opportunity to be the nation we were founded to be.

What part of "America's worse natural disaster" do we not understand. We could not have been any more prepared for this than we were 9/11 and we are learning as we go.

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