Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, September 10, 2005


My big girls are the Black Sex-Link Hens. They are the last to come in at night. Last night all were in but one. I walked around the property calling for chicken Annie. Not a whisper -- not a crunching sound of leaves, not a peep.

I always hate to close the door without everyone in. Suddenly three of the big girls ran out of the hen house and stood at the gate clucking up a storm. They were talking to Chicken Annie, who was moving toward the pen, wounded and confused. Obviously a dog or coyote or big cat had gotten a hold of her, but she had escaped their grasp. Her sisters got on either side of her and guided her through the gate and over the portal to the house. She could barely get over the small ledge. I knew better than to try and help, other than to softly speak encouraging words. I closed all the chickens in and am fairly confident that my wounded hen will be okay this morning.

Once I literally removed one of my chickens from the mouth of a dog and that chicken survived. Phoebe, the remaining Golden Girl, survived her mauling. Chicken Annie will come back from this attack a lot wiser. I'm going to go check on her now.

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  1. Yes Jessi, Chicken Annie was alive and well and is doing much better as she recovers from the attack. Thank you for your inquiry!