Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 05, 2005

Confused Rooster

Tom-Twyla can't find his way out of the pen. I turn the chickens loose in the evening to free-range until bedtime. They all run out the minute the gate opens. He sees the others outside the pen, but he cannot find the gate. The other evening one of the Noble Davies -- one I call Tapestry -- marched back in the pen, stood right in front of Tom-Twyla, turned and marched back out the gate. You could see the lightbulb go on in Tom-Twyla's brain as he saw the gate and ran out. It was like he thought of it himself and gave no thought to Tapestry for showing the way. Sometimes it is difficult to rescue someone.

Perhaps I can survive the disaster now that I have heard from my sister. She has been in Chicago with family and not accessible to me. She called this morning and I got to spew all my fears and concerns and controversies and she could do the same. We're good to give each other direction, though we also are good to lead each other astray. We do tend to run amok and our spouses have given up on counseling us :-)

I am proud of the response Oklahoma is showing and what The Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church is doing. I'm not clear yet on how much Kansas is offering in the way of assistance. I am hoping my adopted state is stepping up to the plate.

This morning I am doing laundry and cleaning house and attempting to restore normal routine. Our van is loaded with donations for The Salvation Army which we will deliver tomorrow. Life goes on as we stay on track for opportunities to help.

By the way, I have added word verification to my blog comment area that is supposed to block spam in the comments. I hope it works.


  1. Just found your blog. Are you from Oklahoma? Me, too!!!

    I'll be back to visit!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. We split our residence between Oklahoma and Kansas but I'll always be an Okie at heart. Will take a look at your blog too and comment if allowed.