Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Last night I took my tape recorder on my evening walk.
I pondered an entry for my blog.

We have returned from our Kentucky/Indiana trip with much
dissatisfaction. We know the reunion that starts next week will be

I turned the chickens loose and as usual, the teenagers,
my middle chickens, stayed close to me, keeping an eye on me.
The big girls and Boss Hog all scattered in their preferred directions.
The baby Aracaunas kept running back and forth worrying about
which group to follow.

Ron was mowing and was hammering on the tractor because he
is trying to put a different mower on the back of the tractor.

It was a cool evening. The leaves were starting to fall.
What a great place to be.

I wondered about mother since she had her brother an sisters
with her to be together on Aunt Margaret’s 91st birthday. I know
it was such a special time for them.

Elenore was going to be there but she got sick. Every time
they baby-sit Nora they end up sick. Elenore insists it is every
bit worth whatever sacrifice.

Terri has been home from work a week with the flu or something.
Perhaps illness is simply going around and not the fault of infants.

Every once in a while I heard Ron holler and he would then curse and
scratch his head as he continued working on the tractor.

I did an unusual thing Saturday. Since we returned early from
the ship reunion I was able to run to Bartlesville and attend
Katherine and Andy’s wedding and see Jessi. I had not seen Jessi since
Christmas and it was very special to see her and her friends. Even Milt
and Denise were there. See photo of Jessi and her dad. For me to take
off on such a spontaneous trip is totally out of character and I
was truly glad to have the bravery to go. Ron does inspire me to
be a much braver traveler.

One of the best things about attending the wedding was to be inside
a church and hear a minister pray a special prayer adding special
blessings to come to the unemployed.......Wonder who I applied that
prayer to.....And Oh I do pray so much.

Chelle has been home alone while Kit went to Indiana. She didn’t go because
Mike had to go to school Friday and she had a church project. She asked
my help on some prayers. They said the worship center went very well
and I don’t doubt that because everything Chelle touches goes very well.

I have the nicest place here to walk around the pond. Ron keeps it mowed
and it doesn’t have much water but birds fly in and out for a drink and
the frogs are hopping around.

This ship reunion was just horrible. It was really a sad thing because it was
Ron’s first ship and he had looked forward to it more than any of the others.
We were the only ones who left so I guess that proves while we enjoy
each other’s company, we don’t play well with others.

The neighbor’s horses are starving to death and are about the tear
down our fence as they attempt to reach our grass. I've called. We'll see.

I dropped my tape recorder three times on my walk. It’s good
old Zack and he can sure take a licking and keep on ticking.

I am determined to do something with the walnuts this year.
They are falling in my walking path. It is my plan to rake them into a
pile and have Ron drive truck or tractor back and forth over them.
They are so hard to crack, but the taste is a worthy reward.

I am a selfish conversationalist married to an even greater
selfish conversationalist. That’s why he’s SSC (Senior Selfish Conversationalist)
I think this is why I blog, I have so much to say. I don’t believe anyone really
wants to hear it. I don’t have a clue where such a compulsion comes from.
I just have to say it. Thus said for today :-)


  1. i like what you have to say :)

  2. i don't only like what you have to say......i look forward to it. this particular entry was so full and brought smiles and tears. i cried when you mentioned dropping zack. it would truly be a milestone in your life if zack ever gives up. i think of him as your best friend.