Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

30 - 29 - 30

No, those aren't my measurements. Yesterday morning I had 30 chickens. Last night I went to bed with only 29. Lily, my white Araucana had gone on her first free range outing and disappeared.

I was almost positive she had found a roost under the new house. I could not see her. The babies always go to bed at least 30 minutes before the adults and teenagers and all her group had already gone in and were on the roost. She couldn't find them, so she found her own place to sleep. I was sad to have to lock her out and I dreamed about finding her all night.

This morning I went out early to let the others out of the hen house into the pen. I passed Lily on my way and tried to act calm as I wished her good moring. Once I fed the others, I went out and began the chase. Her legs are still too thin for the hook to catch her. Finally she saw her family inside the pen and she ran straight to them Her head was poked through the fence and I grabbed her from behind and was able to put her over the fence. She ran to her buddies and began telling her adventures and did not even look back to say thanks. Then there were 30. Hooray!

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