Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Our friend, Wayne "Snuffy" and his dog Binky left this morning for a continued fishing trip to Kentucky. Ron and Wayne had a nice two week visit but I believe both of them were ready for separation. It is so good for me to get things back to normal, even though Wayne is always a very nice guest.

Ron had the workers all lined up to get to work on the house this morning, and wouldn't you know, it is pouring down rain. Maybe it will stop before everyone is scheduled to arrive.

With annual conference going on we know Print and Elaine are busy and looking forward to retirement next year. I wonder if David is thinking about retirement soon? I know none of us will be able to survive without our dentist! David was even kind enough to fix a broken tooth for Wayne while he was here.

Tomorrow I will be 59 years old. My good friend from OCU, Mary called me last night and we talked just like we were still 19 years old. She will be 60 next month. It is nice to talk to old friends on the phone and pretend they, as well as I, look as we remember from our youth.

Of course I can't think about my birthday and annual conference without thinking about Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary. June always had a big start for us.

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