Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Okay bloggers, in my absence (we leave in the morning) you might try writing something to entertain the folks. We know we can count on Jessi to do her part. Actually, Elenore and Print will be in Illinois too and Chelle will be in Indianna, so that just leaves Jessi and Tandy. Well, enough said. It's up to Jessi :-)

Tim had his dress rehearsal this morning regarding the care and feeding of the chickens while we are gone. He knows that he will earn a bonus if all the chickens are alive when we return. So far this young man is turning out to be a good helper. He arrives on time (actually he's usually early). He completes all his assigned tasks. He does not complain and he maintains a cheerful attitude. Knock, knock, knock on wood!

We are excited about this trip and can't wait to see Aunt Juliette and all the cousins. We are also excited to spend time with Ron's family in East Peoria. Kass called last night and tempted us with some special meals she plans to prepare.

If you need us or just miss us, you can reach us on the cell phone. Tandy may not blog, but it's nice to know he is in Tulsa and can keep and eye on mother. Tootles for now.


  1. oh man, i don't like any post that starts out with "Count on jjj"

    i'll do what i can to keep our blogging nation alive :)

    have fun....i had no idea you were leaving... :(.... :)

  2. safe trip!!!! see you in st. charles on friday. love, -e

  3. safe trip!!!! see you in st. charles on friday. love, -e

  4. I will be checking in when we reach our destination. Hope you will too! Love you!