Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, March 28, 2005

Another Broken Spring

Saturday, March 19, 2005 we picked up the Oklahoma grandkids for their Spring Break.
Our first stop was at Mother's for a brief visit. The children enjoyed seeing their Grandma GG.

We arrived home and Ron immediately put Ryan on the tractor. It was fun to see Ryan looking like a farmhand, enjoying driving the tractor all by himself.

The children were given credit for $10.00 each and were then instructed that their between meal snacks at NOL-NOC Estates would all be twenty-five cents. Whatever they didn't spend of the $10.00 was theirs at the end of the visit. It was amazing how satisfying meals became when the snacking was limited to what they were willing to buy. Plus they ate all their snacks and drank each can of pop that they paid for, rather than leave it laying around half complete.

We missed the California bunch this year. The past two years Terri, Joey, Ian and Jasmine have joined us here for Easter. We had so hoped it would be an annual tradition.
Now that we have our new mini-van we should be able to hit California around August.

Beth was my company in church on Palm Sunday. She looked so beautiful and I enjoyed hearing her sing. Not just at church, but everywhere she goes, Beth sings.

Actually all of the children sing and they draw and they write. Talent abounds! Mike sells his artwork. The original agreed upon price was $1.00 and he tried to switch to $1.50 but this Granny wouldn't budge. Dillon is a stand-up comic and he also performs quite a balancing act as he attempts to keep Ryan and Beth on track.

Ask the children who the "City Girl" is. It will be surprising. Also, who was the guy with the string holding his glasses together? Didn't it need a cool colorful bead attached?

Reading her dad's blog Beth said (about her soccer sign up), I just wish he would quit blaming himself. It couldn't be helped and it's not his fault.

Chelle and Elenore took up the blogging gauntlet and kept things going in my absence. Plus, you just have to take a look at "in print".

Speaking of Print(ing) -- Tandy won't be anymore. Say a prayer as he finally breaks free of miserable job in search of a new wonderful job.

Another happening -- you can go back to DEAD CHICKEN'S EPITAPH and replace "Little Blackie" with "Peep-Peep". Yep, now I'm missing two of the girls. (Mike ask Grandpa Ron is Granny Annie ever talks about anything but chickens and blogs?)

Mike stayed behind after his cousins returned to OK. He was with us until today. Chelle and Hope came to get him. He enjoyed some one-on-one time with us and Grandpa Ron took him to Bob the Barber this morning before he left. Hope wanted to stay with us too and will get to when she is potty trained.

Things will gradually get back to normal around here. We'll rest up and return to routine and we will start missing those kiddos again. Meanwhile, Ron and I are just sitting in all this lovely quiet and smiling. P.S. Elenore we'll get back to you on the "possum poop" soon.

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