Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, August 30, 2019


Last night my dogs were barking like crazy.  My motion light came on and I let the dogs out.  Then Frankie and Slim really went crazy barking and growling.  Opening the door a crack I could see two huge forms outside the door and two small forms.  Bears have been spotted in our area and I thought sure there were two bears with cubs resting on my lawn.  Fearing for my dogs I got my gun and my flashlight and stepped out to face four PIGS!    A sow, a boar and two young piggies had claimed my territory.  The sow turned toward me and headed my direction making a horrible noise. 14 year old Slim stood her ground and got between me and the sow.  3 year old Frankie ran in the house and got behind me (great watchdog!).  I managed to coax my guardian Slim back inside the house and called the neighbors to come get their hogs. It was after midnight before the animals were herded back to their home.  


Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Yesterday I was returning from the Senior Citizens Center and saw a friend working in his garden.  "Wait"  I said to myself as I passed his home, "he should not be out in this heat on his hands and knees."  Thankfully I was compelled to turn around and go back.

"Are you okay?" I asked.  He was not okay.  He was struggling to get up.  I did all in my power to help him and it so reminded me of all the times my Ron would fall and refuse to call 911.  "Let me call for help" I begged my friend but he refused.  

I remembered seeing a fellow on his porch a few houses down so I walked there to ask for his assistance.  He joined me and together we managed to get my 90 year old friend up and back in his home.  He thanked both of us for our help and sent us away.  

My friend lives on a very busy street and cars went flying past without noticing this man in his yard.  They too probably thought he was working in his garden.  They probably did not know this man was frail. What if I had not decided to go back?  The sun was blazing hot and he could  have had a heat stroke. 

Monday, August 05, 2019


Thursday afternoon my sister's 80 year old friend opened her door to a young man she knew.  This fellow had done work for her several years.  He ask for change for a $100 bill. He had a friend with him.  She was getting the change when he ask if they could borrow her car.  She said "no" and the young man grabbed her in a choke hold, demanding her car keys. Thankfully my sister's friend had a taser gun her son-in-law had given her.  It was in her pocket. She pointed it at the young men and when they saw the red dots appear on their clothing, they ran.

Next I will tell about my recent fall out of my attic:-(