Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Happy New Year's EVE to all my dear blog friends.  This picture is my final digital painting for 2016 and I hope to keep improving in 2017.  You can follow my art work at by EAGHL if you are interested.  I have never had an art lesson and am known as a folk artist.  My one art class was in high school and the teacher suggested I leave the class because I had no artistic talent. I have learned a lot from fellow artists online.  Our mutual friend Ileana of IZH Portraits has been my greatest supporter.  This new year one of my digital pieces will appear in a book being published now. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Once again Elephant's Child provided our Words for Wednesday and I selected all twelve this week.  For the month of January I will be supplying the WFW and hope some of you will start 2017 by writing a story or poem using the words.  Or start early and use the words for this week.
angel, lullaby, condition, sad, melt, crocodile
formula, honeydew, bumble, sticky, hoax, felon

MOOD SWINGS by Granny Annie

Devil or angel?
It depended on the day.
She sang her baby a lullaby
It made her heart melt away.

But if the condition changed
She could quickly become sad
Or as mean as a crocodile
Going stark raving mad.

This day the sky appeared
As soft as cotton fluff
So off she went for baby formula
And other necessary stuff.

She admired the flowers
Watching a bumble bee fly away
Dripping sticky pollen.
She wanted it out of her way.

People thought it was a hoax.
The lovely bee was not a felon.
Still she ran toward it in anger,
Hurling a honeydew melon .


The End

Monday, December 26, 2016


Question Of The Week 12-26-16

What holiday do you celebrate?  Are you a religious person or not?

(Comments are added to this page after you post them.  Thanks for your responses.)

Blogger Granny Annie said...
I celebrate mostly Christian holidays but I honor any person of devout faith who strives for world peace and love.
6:48 AM
 Blogger Tabor said...
I am not a religious person and therefore I can celebrate almost any holiday with joy and satisfaction!
7:19 AM

Blogger Carolyn McBride said...
I'm a person who has faith. I have faith that there is a higher power, where they reside/exist though is anyone's guess. For all of my science fiction leanings, I do believe there is a universal force. I don't necessarily call it God/Goddess, but I have faith that something is out there. My faith is not easily named and cannot be categorized on a form. The last time I was in hospital, they asked my faith and I think I told them I was Pagan. I suppose that's as close a classification as I can get.
I celebrate the love of this season by getting together with family. We are not a family who puts much stock in 'stuff' but we're smart enough to know that one more day/week/month/year with each other is a gift.
7:52 AM

Blogger ashok said...
I celebrate all Indian and Tamil cultural festivals apart from Christian festivals.
9:20 AM
Blogger Jan said...
We celebrate religious and secular holidays.
9:53 AM
Blogger Silver Willow said...
I am a Christian, but I don't attend church. I do pray often throughout the day. I respect anyone else's loving faith. :)
10:49 AM
Elephant's Child said...
Not a religious person. I celebrate where ever I can. At dawn. At dusk. In wonder at so many things...
12:41 PM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
Sliver Willow beat me to it. My thoughts exactly. When I was a child I told my parents I wanted to be Jewish. It seemed to me they had more holidays.
3:41 PM
Blogger Munir said...
I am somewhat religious and I celebrate Ramadaan, when we fast for a whole month (from Sunrise to Sunset) and with the money we save we try to help the hungry and the needy no matter where they come from. Also since I am in America I do give out gifts to my Christian friends and coworkers and wish my Jewish Friends and coworkers Happy Hanukkah. My Hindu friends get a Happy Diwali wish from me.
4:27 PM
Blogger Birdie said...
I'm a Christian and attend a Quaker church occasionally. I don't celebrate any religionous holidays but celebrate Christmas because it means time with family and loved ones.
4:45 PM
Blogger Brig said...
I celebrate the holidays of my Christian faith. I try to regularly attend mass, but when that is not an option, I have no trouble with taking it to the Father in prayer, irregardless of where I am.
5:49 PM
Blogger Olga Hebert said...
I celebrate Christmas as a touch of warmth in a cold and dark season. I did have latkes for my Christmas dinner though.
6:04 PM

Blogger The Happy Whisk said...
I celebrate all kinds of stuff. Too long to list here. Great fun though.
10:41 PM
Blogger River said...
I'm not religious, but I enjoy any holidays that are on the calendar, although I don't 'celebrate' with whatever foods and rituals are common to any particular holiday.
1:44 AM
Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...
I am answerîng on my new tablet. Ofcourse I am devoted to my creator but belong to my own faith whether in à church or not. I do not agree with organized religion but in a personal one. I pray a lot. Christmas yep sabbath. yep grace yep. Accountable. Mindful of trying not to hurt anyone. I believe we will answer for our wrongs.

Wow this teeny keyboard is tough to do!
2:37 AM

Blogger Brite Mist said...
Me - i am inclined to celebrate anything that is respectful...that being said i always celebrate the Christian ones - working within the framework of both the Eastern and Western ones
7:47 AM
Comment deleted
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9:38 AM
Blogger Unknown said...
I don't actually "celebrate" any of the holidays. I may on occasion fix myself a special dinner on Christmas or Thanksgiving but that's pretty much it. I am both aware and respectful of most holidays, particularly Christian and Jewish. As far as the religious aspect, I keep that quite personal.

P.S... The 'deleted comment' was mine. Me & Blogger had a disagreement!! :)
11:36 AM

Blogger Kerry said...
I am not religious, but I would say I am spiritual. There's a difference. I love Christmas, but it is a secular holiday for me, centered on friends, family, and food.
5:00 PM