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Monday, September 26, 2016


Question Of The Week  9-26-16

What has been your best vacation so far and what made it so special? 

Blogger Bonnie (BornInaZoo) said...
I've been so many places that it was hard to choose. But ... the most recent one to NYC in December with my brother was amazing. He's only been on 3 vacations in his entire life & his 2nd time flying. On the last leg of our flight as we flew in at night, we were seated next to a native New Yorker that pointed out all of the sites to my brother.
8:40 AM
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I couldn't choose one, I've had so many, with and without the kids.
11:47 AM
Blogger Silver Willow said...
so many trips, and each one special. Hard to pinpoint any one. Every trip to Hawaii has been magical. Trip taking our oldest grandson to AZ for spring training and Wrestlemania when he turned 13 was special. 2 week trans-Atlantic cruise with mom was special, even though she got quite sick and we were confined to our cabin for 3-4 days. Even anniversary trips to Las Vegas each year with hubby are special.
1:43 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
Antarctica. Hands down. It was a fulfilment of a dream, and better than my dreams. I hug the memories tightly to myself on dark days and darker nights.
4:42 PM
Blogger Louvregirl said...
I think my 'favorite days' were our long weekend trips to Crystal River, Florida when my kids were (roughly) 13 and 7. We would pontoon boat out on the ice clear, cold river and snorkel (using wet suits; sometimes just tops depending upon how warm it was outside.)

Although the outdoor temps were high in the 80's, the crystal clear fresh spring fed water there is on the cool side...We would swim a tunnel-like shoot to an aqua green grotto, where 3 springs fed this place...the bottom was a pure white grainy sand. One time, we went there after a hurricane had passed, and it was wild! The water was soooo high! We also swam with (MANY) manatees here, both big and small...babies, too. It felt as if we got to know the manatees, and we became familiar with their behavior. It was a wondrous time for us...
4:55 PM
Blogger Birdie said...
I haven't traveled very much at all. I have been to Quebec and that was pretty cool. We also had some great camping trips when we were kids. My (step) dad made it so much fun!
10:42 PM
Blogger River said...
Vacation? What's that?
Ha ha.
Most of our "holidays" were spent at home doing things that didn't get done during working weeks, we just didn't have money to be going away anywhere. Even kids school breaks were spent at home, we couldn't take them anywhere, maybe a movie or two, but when Videos and then DVDs were invented, movies were watched at home, usually with a bunch of neighbourhood kids invited in.
2:28 AM

Blogger Brite Mist said...
all of my families trips to the mountain states!
9:31 AM
Blogger G. B. Miller said...
I've been on so few in my life (average about one real vacation every nine years) that each has been memorable.

I Are Writer!
8:29 PM
Blogger Vest said...
It is hard for me to define the term vacation or holiday.In my case there have been so many all likable and as well as travelling to as many as 78 different countries most of them during my Naval career; some multiple occasions, my favourite working holiday with my family was in Hong Kong Aug 5 1962 to Sept 1964. Great accommodation - a servant and a 28 hr working week with a week off every six months. Also the 31 day cruise to Australia with the tribe in 1971 was hard to beat.. far better than cruising with the navy - not too many creature comforts, The list would go on.
12:33 AM

 Blogger Lynn said...
My trip with my sister Jo, and nieces Abby and Amanda, to Europe in the late 90s. The highlight - beloved Scotland.
4:47 AM

Blogger Lee said...
Ahhh...I don't know. It's so long since I took a vacation. I was never really a vacation-taking person when I come to think of it.
6:35 AM

Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
Hum I thought about this and thought I posted but I guess I didn't. I took a trip to the Keys in a 23 foot boat with two friends. We lived on the boat for 10 days in bathing suits, scuba diving, fishing, island hopping and just relaxing. Food tastes so good on the water.
2:20 PM
Blogger Pat said...
Difficult choice with all the travels I made with Alastair but the most memorable one was in 1939 - the summer before WW2 - on holiday with Mum and Dad and my younger brother. We lived in a tent on the edge of Lake Windemere - I can still smell the warm grass beneath our sleeping bags. Once we had done our chores we had complete freedom to climb, swim, fish and get up to mischief. Magical days.
6:10 AM

Sunday, September 25, 2016


My son keeps me laughing with memes he forwards.  Here are a few favorites to brighten your Sunday.

Can anyone guess which is my favorite? What is your favorite?

My favorite was #8:-)

Thursday, September 22, 2016


We got pictures for Wednesday instead of words and now we have to supply our own words. Two pictures on Words For Wednesday were provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulcher. Thank you for these two challenging photos. You will find both photos offered and other stories posted at the blog of Elephant's Child. 

JUNGLE FEVER by Granny Annie

The island could be seen across the ocean in the fog.  The jungle that surrounded us was less appealing, though the elegant hotel made up for the massive foliage that surrounded us. 

We sipped our drinks in the shade and despite all the beauty we look forward to going home. The travel agent had not said the mosquitoes and other jungle infestations and animals would feel so threatening. It would still be days before the boat returned to pick us up. 

The third day dawned and we could hear a soft distant drum beat.  It was echoing through the forest. The rhythm of the sounds grew louder and closer. The employees and other guests of the hotel begin to scurry around.  They grabbed their belongings and moved in a panic toward the exit. We were totally confused about what was about to happen. We had not yet seen the swarm of pygmy warriors descending on our hotel. These natives were armed with spears, knives and poison blow darts. They had shrunken heads as decorations on what little clothing they wore. 

Our tour guides had assured us this was a safe place for a vacation. Those tour guides had already disappeared with the fleeing guests. My husband noticed two large baskets and quickly turned one over me and told me to crouch down as he turned the other over himself and we quietly stayed hidden against the wall. 

It took several hours for the carnage to end.  We could barely breath and did not even whisper to each other. My husband finally determined it would be safe for us to vacate our basket havens. 

We were at the water's edge the last few days waiting for the boat.  There was never a  more glorious sight than the appearance of our rescue transport arriving to pick us up. We shared the story of what happened to the others. We were so very happy to be able to escape this island and return home. 

The boat moved away from the shore but nor before we heard the drums once more and rejoiced that we were just out of the range of spears and darts being hurled toward us.

(Now don't you want to go look at the pictures and come up with your own story?)

Monday, September 19, 2016


Question Of The Week 9-19-16

If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in 30 seconds or less?
Blogger Louvregirl said...
Jesus saves.
8:01 AM
Blogger Changes in the wind said...
Do better....
8:39 AM
Blogger Kailani said...
Believe in God. And Trump is NOT the answer. And do unto others as they would like done unto them. (the Platinum Rule.) And life is short; don't make mountains out of molehills. Smell the flowers and swing on the swings.
10:43 AM
Blogger Tabor said...
Take a deep breath and count to 10 BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!
11:01 AM
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
Relax and put down your weapons, it is all small stuff.
12:09 PM
Blogger Elephant's Child said...
We are ALL in this together. Give peace a chance.
3:08 PM
Blogger River said...
Think before you act, think it through. Are you prepared for any negative consequences?
3:48 AM
Blogger Sparkling Red said...
Don't be a hater. Calm, open-minded conversation is almost always more productive than an argument.
7:17 AM
Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
We often say "Only God can judge me" not realising that one day he will.
8:03 AM
Blogger Brite Mist said...
stop killing each other!
11:14 AM
Blogger Lynn said...
To calm down!
12:04 PM

Blogger Barb said...
We are more alike than different. Violence is never the answer.
4:39 PM

Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...
"It's hard enough to stay alive without killing each other, then ourselves. Stop wasting life!"
2:52 PM
Blogger The Happy Whisk said...
I enjoyed reading those. Thanks.
9:39 AM
Blogger Kay said...
Respect each other's customs, religions and live in peace.
1:58 AM