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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Words for Wednesday found on the blog of Elephant's Child. . Today we have another great picture plus these words, someone, hopscotch, days, hotter, hoaxer, lonely and this phrase, “I was just wondering if you could settle a little argument?”

by Osman Hamdi Bey (1842-1910)

by Granny Annie

Who had opened the door?
Someone let them in the foyer.
Turtles were playing hopscotch
Each becoming a destroyer.

Never in this man's days
Had he seen such interesting turtles
Playing games and maneuvering
Away from the sand and dirt hills.

Also they could talk
He heard the oldest grunt
I was just wondering if you could
Settle a little argument?”

“I believe the weather
Is becoming so much hotter
But my wife denies global warming
That is why I brought her.”

“It was me and not a hoaxer
Who crossed your threshold.
Our lives are very strained and
We are at a crossroad.”

The homeowner could not answer.
Bickering was constant with the family
And it was very obvious
Arguing would go on indefinitely.

Yet the surprised, well dressed man
Still decided to allow them in.
Not only could they cool off
He would never be lonely again.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Question Of The Week 7-25-16

Have you ever been on the 
wrong side of the law?

Blogger LL Cool Joe said...
I got a speeding ticket once. That's it.
5:09 AM

Blogger Olga Hebert said...
Speeding tickets and once jaywalking in Washington, DC. Who would ever guess?
7:59 AM

Blogger Changes in the wind said...
I got a speeding ticket once...
9:11 AM

Blogger Jan said...
Made a not quite all the way stop at a stop sign once. Got caught.
10:06 AM

Blogger Arkansas Patti said...
My brothers and I were picked up by the police when I was 6 and taken to the precinct as a scare. No we didn't take anything nor do anything wrong. It was a misunderstanding. I was afraid of cops till I dated one many years later.
1:09 PM

Blogger Birdie said...
Not once. Not even a speeding ticket. I have never even been pulled over.
1:21 PM

Blogger Tabor said...
A speeding ticket when I was 17 coming down the canyon in the Rockies. The red sports car ahead of me was going much faster! I also got pulled over early one morning on the highway when it was still dark. I was in my late 40's and in a hurry to get to work. I apologized profusely to the cop and he let me go with a warning.
3:03 PM

Blogger Elephant's Child said...
My partner doesn't vote. Which is compulsory here. When asked if there is another eligible voter in the house I say no. And feel bad about it.
3:08 PM

Blogger kenju said...
A speeding ticket and another one for passing a stopped school bus (it was hidden just over a hill, and I was exonerated!)
4:07 PM

Blogger Birdie said...
What about you? Does our Grannie Annie have a sordid past?
7:07 PM

Blogger River said...
No. A couple of family members, but never me. I'm a goody-two-shoes.
3:15 AM

Blogger Lynn said...
Multiple speeding tickets - until I figured out I could slow down and save money. :) Plus two for not stopping completely at stop signs (what they call a rolling stop.) Same thing - a building doesn't have to fall on me...

You were a bootlegger????
4:28 AM

Blogger Granny Annie said...
1965, newly married, nineteen years old and very gullible we ran a cab company and sold pints of whiskey after 10:00 PM and on Sunday and holidays. We bought for $1 and sold for $5 and made enough money to start college in the Fall. I was told this was expected of all cab companies and the owner did not want any of the profit he just wanted us to provide the expected service. We did not have to fear the law as long as we bought the pints from the Sheriff's brother-in-law who owned a liquor store. Basically we were bootleggers...never arrested. Before we went to school we also bought a poodle puppy with some of the proceeds and named him Hooch. But I have never had a ticket for speeding or for any other infraction of the law:-)
6:51 AMBlogger Kerry said...
A speeding ticket in the middle of the Mexican desert. Two warnings by police officers in Corvallis, OR. One of those I was only doing 36mph. The other was running a YELLOW light, so you know, I was really innocent. Oh but this year somehow forgot to pay state taxes, and that's not good. Oh well.
8:29 PM
Blogger Kerry said...
At least I didn't sell whiskey from my car!!! 
8:30 PM
Blogger Pat said...
The police man said I went through a red light which I disputed - it had been a long drive from dropping my son at Uni and driving south for hours with the sun in my eyes. The policeman said "you can't con a copper!" Thirty quid down the Swannee!
5:09 AM
DeleteBlogger G. B. Miller said...


Never got a speeding ticket, always tickets for running red lights or stop signs for motor vehicle violations.

But.................................................................I did get issued a summons for disturbing the peace.

Father Nature's Corner
5:15 AM
 Blogger Rob and Monica said...
I was pulled over once for speeding when I was 18 and at a high enough speed that I had to go to court. I have also been pulled over for equipment failure (once a blown head gasket and once for a broken tail light). When I was 20, I was called aside by a policeman, along with several friends, and questioned for breaking into a school that was closed. We were playing basketball in the gym when caught. We were all of the belief that the door was open when we arrived we saw the gym open many times before. In fact, we saw several baseball players walking in and out of the school to use the bathroom when we were playing. The policeman believed us and just asked us to play on the outdoor courts. It wasn't until a year later that one of the people I was with that day (an acquaintance more than a friend) admitted that he had gone to the school earlier that morning and cut the padlock. (Rob)
8:47 PM

Blogger neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...
The police once stopped me for speeding a teensy bit over the speed limit, but he let me off after I explained how worried I'd been about a situation. He was kind.
8:37 AM
Blogger Lee said...
Blogger Sparkling Red said...
I shoplifted a few times when I was 15 years old, and then decided that it wasn't worth the risk. Fortunately I didn't ever get caught!
6:51 PM