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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


This is my story for the week.  River has provided wonderful Word For Wednesday for the month of February.   If you want to join in, just click on the link to find the prompts for today provided by River of Drifting Through Life. Be sure and look for the other stories.

It was a beautiful sunlit day. I squinted in my efforts to view the movement on the hillside. Was the figure moving toward us a human or an animal? The feeling was not comfortable with either scenario. No visitors were expected and the prospect of the uninvited guest being a bear was frightening. We had come out for this walk without our phones. We only wanted to enjoy the warmth of the day, the beautiful sights and the petrichor that remained from the last rain. We had not wanted this leisure to be disrupted.

This was our personal space. The other side of the hill was active with trucks rumbling out of the quarry. The carried loads of granite and the closer we got the louder the noise. The figure was within our sight now and recognized as the owner of the quarry. His name was Hudson and he was normally not of a good disposition however he wore a huge smile on his face. This made the encounter more frightening. What did he want from us this time? We thought we had made ourselves clear on his last visit.

Todd and I welcomed the man. We offered him a drink from our canteen, knowing he would be parched from the long hike. He accepted the offer gladly.

The men both sat on the ground but I knew if I joined them I would never get up again. I could only squat to get more on their level and we began to talk.

What brings you over the hill today?” I ask Mr. Hudson.

He responded, “I was wondering how you were doing over here. Thought it was time for a friendly chat and to catch up.”

My mind clinched and I glanced at Todd. Both of us knew Hudson had a lot more on his mind. “That's nice” I said, “and just what are we catching up on? It wouldn't be copper would it?”

Come on you guys” Hudson said, “at least consider my offer. It is a fair one and the two of you can't live out here forever. There is a huge demand for copper and you are sitting on a fortune. I have the ability to mine it and you do not. My offer is good and the money would make a great legacy for your children.”

This property is our legacy for the children” Todd responded, using a harsh tone. “If they want the copper mined they can have that done themselves. We sincerely doubt they will want this beautiful valley destroyed any more than we do.”

I am guessing your children would rather have the money than the land.” Mr. Hudson replied adamantly.

My anger was showing when I said “You should not have made this long walk Mr. Hudson. We still are not going to sell this place. You best head back to your quarry.”

Mr. Hudson was mumbling as he turned to go back. If we had been mind-readers we would have known he was saying something about bringing more men next time and clearing the place off. He just knew the kids would be easier to deal with if Todd and I were gone.

Monday, February 26, 2018


Question Of The Week 02-26-18

How do you spend the majority 
of your free time?

Drawn from show TV show Broadchurch on computer.  Digital art by (me) eaghl/2018

Monday, February 19, 2018


Question Of The Week 02-19-18

Are you religious and, if so, does your religion require you to attend a Church, Cathedral, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque on a regular basis?  Do you follow your religion 
now as you did as a child?


Saturday, February 10, 2018


Okay friends, now that I have unlimited WiFi and can watch Netflix all day if I want, I need your recommendations.  I've got a lot of catching up to do.  

I also can watch Amazon Prime shows and Youtube videos on my new Smart TV so your recommendations there will be
appreciated also:-)

Friday, February 09, 2018


Can't resist posting this single Friday Funny.  It really cracked me up.  And yes, my son sent it. 


Wednesday, February 07, 2018


River of Drifting Through Life is providing our WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY this month.  Her first week in February includes the following prompts.  Hope you will join us with a story.

1. exterior
2. madwoman
3. mountain lake
4. twitched
5. flicker
6. desk


1. prediction
2. approach
3. bacteria
4. vaults
5. plane
6. white lilac


Esmeralda peered through her curtains like a madwoman. She viewed the exterior of the property. Gazing beyond her fence-line she saw someone crossing the mountain lake and she twitched with fear. He would arrive at her gate in a short time.

Esmeralda did not seem to have a flicker of hope as she returned to her desk. It was best that she write an account of what was happening. It would be necessary to write down the proper treatment should the bio hazard be released and the long dreaded prediction come true. The vaults had been raided and the harmful bacteria stolen.

The distant figure landed his small boat safely. Esmeralda saw him tie it securely before he began his approach. She barely heard the small plane that soared above her. The sound of machine-gun fire erupted and she saw the intruder fall into the white lilac bush. Her beloved Victor had arrived in the nick of time to rescue her.

Esmeralda rushed to Victor's side as he departed from his small aircraft. Together they examined the body of the intruder. They were able to retrieve the sealed vial of bacteria. Victor would return it to the military bio-hazard laboratory and hopefully it could never be stolen again and never used in biological warfare.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018


My grandson Ryan deploys tomorrow for 6 months. Here is a picture of his sleeping quarters and a picture of the type sleeping quarters his grandpa might have had in the 60's and 70's. Ryan's might a little better but still pretty tiny. Ryan's are called coffin racks and are three stacks high. They have place for storage and also have small stand up lockers to store their uniforms.  The older ones were 4 stacks. Not sure where they stored anything. God bless all our military on air, land and sea.

Monday, February 05, 2018


Question Of The Week 02-05-18

What was the most challenging thing about your childhood?

Thursday, February 01, 2018


I am re-running this post from 2009 for my Heart Sisters Barb and Patti.

Go Red For Women, Macy's and CVS Health join together throughout February to raise funds and awareness to end heart disease and stroke for all women

Volunteers and supporters are encouraged to wear red on National Wear Red Day (Friday, Feb. 2)


 Heart Disease is the no. 1 cause of death among women according to the latest statistics.

My primary care physician in 2003 was treating me for a long list of complaints. I was taking 400 mg Celebrex for arthritis, I was being referred to a Neurologist for my unexplained blackouts and strange, sudden pain in my left arm, my blood pressure didn't really concern my doctor though it was 162 over 99 quite often and he laughed at my concern over my cholesterol being 252. He had been physician for my mother and my grandmother and neither of them had heart disease so I didn't need to worry. My annual physical yielded nothing to concern him and the very next day, not even 24 hours later, I was being treated for a near fatal MI (Myocardial Infarction aka Heart Attack).

If your physician ignores your symptoms, don't be afraid to insist you be examined for possible heart disease. Because most women are misdiagnosed and left to suffer heart attacks with little chance of getting the necessary help within the first six minutes, we die and no one is left to fight the fight against the number one killer of women.

This Friday, Go Red with your wardrobe! Whether it's a red dress, a red T-shirt, a red dress pin or red lipstick, show the world you support Go Red For Women, the American Heart Association's movement to help save women's lives.

Every minute, some one's mother, daughter, wife or sister dies from heart disease and stroke in the United States. Reducing these diseases in women must become a national priority. Ask your lawmaker to support the HEART for Women Act. Women's lives depend on it.