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Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, December 02, 2017


Going to have to close up blog-shop for a few weeks.  Medical check ups, etc.  I closed comments for this post but I know you will be thinking of me and wishing me the best.  All shall be well for me and wish the same for you. See you soon!


Monday, November 27, 2017


Question Of The Week 11-27-17

Which Reality TV Show would you ever agree to appear on?

Not me!!!

None, I would never want to be on TV.

I think I’d forgo my 15 minutes of fame if it had to be reality

I don't watch them and I certainly wouldn't want to appear on one.

Any, I think it would be very interesting and a great new experience


Dance With The Stars - (I wouldn't make it though!)

Naked and Afraid. Ok that was a joke:)

They have to really improve these "reality" shows for me to consider them. They have so much artifice and are so tightly edited, I am sure I would be disappointed with my part in the show.

America's Next Top Model...ok just kidding

NONE of them. Not a single one.


I was shocked to google "TV Reality shows" and see how many there are. Cops and Pawn Stars were the only ones I watch. Oh and Antique Road Show. I would love to be on that one.

My daughter was on the pilot of a show called Swanked that Emily Dees and her friend were trying to produce. Basically they were doing make-overs. They said that they met Mollie in a farmer's market. They'd actually met her when she was doing some script editing for another production. That was only the beginning of the unreality going on there. They ended up cutting about 6 inches off my daughter's waist length ginger color hair and dying it a brassy auburn color. It was awful. There was very little reality and a whole lot of perfect body image promotion going on there. After the pilot the show was not aired by any station.

I love to watch Survivor and Dancing with the Stars, but I'd be the first one to go on both of those, so I guess my answer is none. :)

None these days...but years ago, in 1986/87 I appeared on one....interviewed for a kid's wild life/interest type show when I was managing the resort on Cape Richards.

Friday, November 24, 2017


And on a personal note, here is the collage of my two wonderful Thanksgivng celebrations. 


Wednesday, November 22, 2017


It is a busy time as many of us prepare for Thanksgiving.  If you have the opportunity, be sure and participate in WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY.  Elephant's Child has provided the prompts for November.  The words for today are:


Here is my contribution this week.

Waxing Moon

SARA'S WALK by Granny Annie

It had been a perfect day for a walk along the river bank. Lots of people were fishing. Quietly they cast out, slowly reeling the line back across the water.

A group of children appeared out of nowhere and were dashing around the serious sportsmen. The kids showed no interest in the activities. The fishermen strongly cautioned the kids to be quiet, insisting they were scaring the fish. One person added some free advice, “If you don't go you will be chopped up and fed to the fish”. The naïve children took note of the warning. All ran away. A few were angry and some were crying.

Sara's walk was coming to an end. She gave a shrug hating to end the freedom she always felt on these adventures. The light was fading. She knew they would soon have a waxing moon because it always followed a full moon which had been the night before. The smell of winter's approach was in the air.

Her bucket was almost full. Sara had been carefully gathering acorns on her walk. Acorns were known as the ultimate survivor food, packed with fats and nutrition. Every year Sara gathered them. She would boil out the bitter tannic acids and grind them into flour.

Sara was disillusioned in her hope to find rose hips. Not only do rose hips provide a pop of color in the winter landscape, they’re also full of sweet pulp that can be eaten raw or boiled down for syrup, jam or tea. She would have to wait a few weeks for those special treats.

Walking in cool silence Sara heard a rustling near the path. She halted in her tracks to see what furry critter might emerge from the brush. She peered with squinted eyes. Swiftly the group of children from earlier tore out of the bushes yelling and screaming. They wore superhero shirts, had painted faces and set on Sara with a vengeance. “We will chop you up and feed you to the fish.” they expressed with great emotion.

It wasn't me!” Sara shouted. “I did not threaten you. It was the fishermen.”

The nuts tumbled and scattered around the path floor. There would be no acorn flour this year.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Question Of The Week 11-20-17

What does it mean to be human?

Having compassion

Being imperfect.

That is a tough one for me. I guess being human is a gift. Makes us have choices. Feelings

A range of things, depending on which human(s) we are talking about.
I do believe that we are nothing like as special as many of us think. And certainly imperfect.
Choice is a part of it. And I hope that compassion and care come into play.

Caring for others outside of our families. Not limiting the reasons for our existence to just food, shelter and procreating as animals do. 

It is a multifaceted term. There is being humane, which is aligned with showing compassion. Then there is only human, which is to be flawed. It is what you make of it when you are living it.

That's something I've never thought about. I'd say being human puts us one step below other animals who aren't greedy about land ownership and don't go around starting wars and killing each other just for the heck of it, or because someone somewhere is making money from that great "war machine"

A man or a woman created in the image of God.

Thoughts to ponder over ! For each to decide his or her own definition of "being human". There are a million zillion ways of displaying humanity !
Being humane is a fast disappearing trait in humans. Sadly so :(
We can learn a lot from the cute canines in your cover.

That's not an easy answer. Hmmm. I'm trying not to read the other answers! I think it's what makes us human beings - compassion, personality, genetic make up. The answer is probably endless

excellent job dear Annie!

I think being human is pride to be an social animal ,who learns fast ,apply those learnings mostly on selfish bases ,less who look at life as panorama and include the whole humanity in the circle of there concern and care ,who do this are "REAL HUMANS"

Flawed. Compassionate. Forgiven

Excellent question.

Because we were born this way, but beyond that I haven't got a clue! Sorry.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


And on a personal note, a friend brought me this rose.  She even took off all the thorns before giving it to me:-)

Thursday, November 16, 2017


My dear blog friends,

Tomorrow is the memorial service for my oldest nephew.  I have not talked about his death on my blog.  It is painful for me but more painful for my brother and sister-in-law.  

He was such a sweetie pie when he and his brother first became a part of our family.  They were foster children.  They were Kiowa Indians.  My brother and sil had been told that because the boys were from such a dark tribe, few Native Americans would adopt them.  They truly believed the boys would be with them for life. 

At the end of the first year the DHS took the older boy (age 6) and placed him with a Native American family where he could be with another brother.  That was difficult for my brother and sil.  They knew then that they could never let five-year-old Martin be taken from them and they began the court process to legally adopt.  

Martin was a scoundrel.  He would do anything and charm his way out of it.  I especially loved him and eagerly helped him out of every problem that I could.  But Martin's problems grew beyond clever pranks and running away from home.  

He married, had three beautiful children and two grandchildren.  But his marriage of 30 years could not survive Martin's drug and alcohol addiction.  

We all exhausted ourselves attempting to rescue Martin.  His two sisters did all they could but he used them as well.  Martin had found a few of his living Kiowa siblings and even they attempted to reach out to Martin.  Finally we all had to let go and let God.  

He surprised us by finally, at age 54, admitting he had a drug problem.  He checked himself into a rehab facility, went through detox, had an enjoyable evening at the facility drug free. His parents had both been able to tell him they were proud of him for the first time in years. That night Martin went to bed and died in his sleep. 

This morning I awakened wondering how can I get through this service?  My own children suffer for this oldest cousin whom they loved.  He was a rescuer to both of them at different times. 

I feel badly for turning my back on my nephew.  He called to me on several occasions but obtaining money was his ultimate goal.  His parents had to cut him off but my brother was the least successful.  He could not let go of his son. I feel guilty for my pain while Martin's parents are feeling their sorrow so very deeply.   

My most visual memory of my nephew Martin was picking him up at his elementary school.  He was on the football team and had been at practice.  The rest of the team was still on the field but Martin was in front of the school leaning on a pole in his uniform with a group of girls gathered around him listening to his stories.  

I pray dear Martin that you have found the peace of God that passes all understanding.  I will always love you.  
Martin was an amazing artist in every medium.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Question Of The Week 11-13-17

As you may have noticed I had a difficult time posting the comments to the main page.  This has happened once before and now I think I've figured it out so it won't happen again.

When you are ill, do you struggle on regardless or just curl up in bed?

I struggle on - I can't think of the last time I called in sick to work. (I only do that if throwing up is involved.)

If I admit I'm sick, then I'm really sick, and you'll find me under a bunch of covers shivering in bed.

Like Tabor said, I used to struggle on in my younger days. Now that my kids are grown and I'm self employed, I can afford to rest if I'm under the weather.

I struggle on. lol

I keep to myself...I keep to myself most of the time, anyway. Nothing much changes.

When younger with job and kids I struggled on. As I have aged, I just baby myself until I feel better.

I struggle on, I hate being sick so I rarely admit it when it happens, to myself or others ha ha

I'm rarely sick, but unless the illness is contagious or a debilitating migraine, I would probably just keep going.

I struggle on unless my illness calls for hospitalization:-)

I try my hardest to struggle on and dose myself up with painkillers.

Struggle on sounds more like something I would do. I do hop you are well, warm greetings to you.

Curl up in bed until it all goes away. I'm not that important

I try to rest if possible

Oh my, if I am sick I am really sick and can't get out of bed if I try. I just pile on blankets and sweat it out. And I want everyone to just leave me alone!

It depends...sick like the flu? I hit the couch. Sick like aches and pains...I struggle on. I have some kind of sciatica right now that is really hurting. But I stretch and stretch and try and walk it out. I can't take ibuprophrens or aspirin stomach lining has been eaten alive by those pills. So I have to tough it out.

Keep on going. Probably started once I had kids but endures now that they are out of the house and taking care of themselves. I figure I can suffer at my desk as easily as in bed. Honestly though, I have had little more than bad colds and flus so I cannot say I've been REALLY sick. I know people who didn't miss work through Chemo.....not sure if I'm that persistent.

Thankfully I'm hardly ever sick. Don't know I actually struggle on, or simply prefer to do something, think about something else.

When I worked for a living, I struggled on. Now days, as long as the animals are fed, walked and watered, I'm a snuggle weenie in bed till my health world rights itself.

A struggler. Almost always. Sometimes stupidly.