Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Friday, July 24, 2015


For some reason I am unable to post on blogs from Wordpress?  I was able to  before my long absence from blogland and now I cannot.  Any suggestions what I might need to do? What has changed?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Seven months of difficult tasks required to reach the final goal which was my hip replacement. It was not all easy and yet I seem to get through the difficult parts ok. Suddenly Monday afternoon I was hit with the most difficult ordeal of the entire time. 

Friday afternoon I made a decision to stop my pain medications cold turkey. It was a delight to have no problems with this. I enjoyed a wonderful Saturday and delightful Sunday including church for the first time in ages and then a delightful Monday returning to the Senior Center to see my friends and even play a game of chicken foot. After the center I went to the church office to try to catch up on some of my responsibilities as finance chair person. 

Suddenly I began to feel ill and needed to rush home. I was barely in the door and I was suddenly hit with the most horrible experience of my entire life. Everything underneath every inch of skin on my body began to shake and quiver. It was not a cold chill and no amount of wrapping myself in blankets could make the feeling go away. Walking seem to be the most comfortable thing to do and so I began to walk and walk yet I was very weary and simply wanted to sleep but there was no sleeping to come to me.

My daughter called to check on me and I began to share this terrible story of agony. She called a nurse and as we actually knew before the call I was experiencing drug withdrawal. I had taken some other meds and needed to wait before I could take my prescription pain pills. It was advised that I start my pain meds over and began a slow methodical withdrawal which is what my surgeon had recommended in the first place. 

Within two and a half hours of taking another pain pill the shaky, itchy feeling was gone but I was totally wiped out and still could not sleep. I could only cry. Which I did for almost the next 24 hours. I had been on these pain medications longer than just after the surgery. I had been on these pain medications for a little over 7 months to battle the hip pain before we got to the hip replacement. I do not know why I thought I could quit this cold turkey but I wanted to drive so badly that I gave it a try. 

Still weak I am starting to move forward. I have shared positive stories and have made this last 7 months look almost easy but none of it has really been easy. The weight loss the repeated shots the ever-increasing hip pain and now this final blow has left me very humble and very ready to admit that anyone going through this, no matter how well they say they are doing, is suffering a lot and needs a great deal of understanding. I have been blessed with the most wonderful family who has seen me through this but there are people out there that are not so fortunate. Look for them and lend them your support in any way you can and for goodness sake don't let them try to withdraw from their pain meds cold turkey. 

My heart is going out this day to all persons addicted to drugs with an understanding of why they cannot break such a horrible habit.

Monday, July 20, 2015


This is now my neighbors have helped heal me.

I actually had an ear of fresh sweet corn for breakfast this morning.  Why not?  

Do  you know this trick to cooking corn in the microwave?


Sunday, July 19, 2015


Perhaps I will be back to blogging soon.  Not only do I thank my family for their love and care, I thank my blog friends for your thoughts, prayers and concern. 

Friday, July 03, 2015


Complete hip replacement on Wednesday. Today blood pressure normal, temperature normal, oxygen normal, blood work normal! Going home very shortly. Soon to catch up on all my blogging and seeing my dear friends again