Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Saturday, May 31, 2014


What could these two pictures possibly have in common?

My new living room furniture.
Slim listens to Luke Skywalker telling a tale of adventure.

Tuesday morning my friend B called and wanted to know if I would like go furniture shopping.  Her town was having some great sales and she knew I wanted some new living room furniture.  You can tell from the first picture that our trip was successful.  

I had done several other things that morning and was very tired.  B has a lot more energy and was able to keep going, so she decided to follow me home (30 miles) and help me get ready for the movers to deliver the new furniture.  Her help was indeed a God-send. 

They moved the den furniture out to be given to the needy.  They moved the living room furniture to the den and then moved the new furniture in the house.  While I was directing, B was vacuuming under each abandoned space in preparation for the placement of the next furniture.  No, that has nothing to do with the adventure, it is just to inform you what a kind soul B is.

The movers left.  B left.  Slim and I went around and tried out the new furniture like Goldilocks trying to find the spot that was just right.

Early the next morning B calls.  Very unusual because she is not an early riser like I am.  "Are you missing a kitten?"

Calling roll at the cat's breakfast table I realized Luke Skywalker was indeed absent. It seems he was stuck in the engine of B's car and crying his lungs out.  B and her husband were planning to drive to their car dealership to have Luke extricated from the engine. It was amazing enough that he had already survived the 30 mile trip to their home from mine, now how would he survive another long drive? Then if they got him out, what would happen to him.

 I told them to wait and I would come right over.  Mama David was not catch-able but I managed to catch one of Luke's siblings Han Solo and then for some reason Olive, the mother cat who abandoned her own litter, jumped into the cage as if she knew we were on a rescue mission.

By the time we arrived at B's, Luke had managed to escape the engine and had run into their garage.  They quickly closed the garage door and awaited my arrival.  I got the cage out that held the other two cats in  hopes they would begin calling to Luke.  My mission was to go inside the garage sit down and try to entice Luke with some food.  He had to be hungry.  

The kitten seemed to know my voice as I called, "Luke, Luke, Lukie sweetie", and dropped a trail of cat food.  He followed the trail. Once captured, he was place with his family and immediately began to nurse on Olive even though he was already weaned.  Comfort food.  Han Solo began to lick him.  They are all home again and I have a new best friend named Luke.  You would think that I had pulled a thorn from his paw. 

Wish I could translate the adventure version Luke is spinning for Slim.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Question/s Of The Week 5-26-14


About MEMORIAL DAY today in the US:

On May 5, 1868, Army General John Logan was credited for starting this national holiday shortly after the American Civil War Between the States. He set it to be observed on May 30 of each year. It was not until 1971 that we began recognizing Memorial Day on the last Monday in May.

Here are a couple of trivia questions for those readers from the US today on our Memorial Day.

Which southern state first celebrated the federal holiday of Memorial Day?*

What northern state was the first to observe Memorial Day?* 

*Answers to above trivia questions.

Oops, do you want those answers right side up?

Saturday, May 24, 2014


It started shortly before 4:00 yesterday afternoon.  First a low murmur of a few pickup trucks pulling a boat or two.  Then the noise becomes a bit more steady.  Cars pulling boats too and camper trailers.  Four wheelers parading up and down the road as well as motorcycles.  Next we've got folks already walking or bicycling, enjoying the fresh air before darkness comes.  They have set up their camps and know what supper they will prepare over the fire tonight.

It remains a steady noise until the boats are launched and you hear the engines roaring until about 10 pm then the music begins to take over the serenity.  Thus it shall remain through out this Memorial weekend.  I am quite sure some fireworks will be added to the mix. 

It will be Tuesday before I hear this again.
Hope everyone has a safe Memorial Weekend and will take a moment to remember those military men and women who gave their lives in the service of our country.  

Monday, May 19, 2014


Question Of The Week 5-19-2014

My land line is mostly sales calls, my connection on my cell is often difficult to hold, my grandchildren prefer text, so I am turning toward text over talk these days.  How about you?

Friday, May 16, 2014


The father of all these new kittens was called Darth Vader, thus once the first kitten was named Luke, it took off from there (at the suggestion of Heart In Hand).  So far I have seen all of the first four show up at the breakfast table so I know that Luke, Leia, Han and Chewy are alive and well.  Undoubtedly Han Solo is in search of his space ship, The Millennium Falcon.  Glad I noticed Han peeking out the back of my lawn mower before starting my work yesterday and before he loaded the rest of his crew. 

Han Solo prepares for blast off:)

Monday, May 12, 2014


Question Of The Week 5-12-14

What is one 
of the 
scariest things 
you have 
ever done? 

Our parents let my 16 year old brother drive us across Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, the world's highest suspension bridge.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


My mother in 1959
My mother Nov., 1915 to July, 2007

"Mothering God, hear our prayer.  Keep us in thy loving care.  Be our guide in all we do and bless all those who love us too.  Amen"


Friday, May 09, 2014


Princess Leia decides to try cat food for the first time.  Sitting in the middle of the dish seems quite appropriate for a princess.
Who is this creature joining me at the breakfast table and why did my mother and my aunt leave?
Hey, that big red one isn't very nice.  I'm outta here.
The little princess decides to watch from a safe place.
This is a fun kitten adventure, but sadly not all the adventures are as sweet.  David had the kittens well hidden in the chicken house and after I accidentally set the box on one of the kittens, she decided to move them again.  My next tragic mistake was to back over one of the kittens. David and Olive have kept the babies well hidden since then until this debut of Princess Leia showing up for a meal.  I am not sure at this time how many of the kittens are left.  Looks like I am turning out to be their worst predator:(

Thursday, May 08, 2014


Order from Amazon today!
It was my intention to complete my book and share it with you when it was done.  Getting into the pages made me realize that this is not something to be put together quickly.  It is a work project of love and reflection.  It awakens a passion for sharing our stories.  It creates caution for how we want to tell things to our grandchildren.

First for today, let me say you should order this for your mother for Mother's Day.  Darn it that I have waited this close to the day to make my recommendation.  Perhaps you could order the book and give Mom and IOU.  It is also plenty of time to order for Father's Day.  Dads can create heirloom journals too.

Who is ideal to buy the book for:  1.)  Traditional families with one grandchild.  2.)  Traditional families with one child and multiple grandchildren.  I list those first because everything falls in place much better when you are concentrating on one grandchild and then when you are telling multiple grandchildren about one set of parents.

Traditional families with multiple children and grandchildren might want to buy several books to complete for each family.  They are reasonably priced to do just that.

Non-traditional families can enjoy filling out the pages of this book too.  It simply requires a little more adaptation.  For instance I have been married twice.  My grandchildren did not know their biological grandfather all that well.  They did know and love their step-grandfather so I must make room for stories about both.  It is more of a challenge, but I can do it.  Pages of the book can be removed if they do not fit  your needs.  I do wish STORIES FROM MY GRANDPARENT came with a few blank pages for
us to add as needed.

Regardless this is a delightful and amazing path of discovery and Susan Adcox has done a wonderful job establishing guidelines for us to share our stories.  I intend to give a book to my sister and brother to prepare for their families. 

Click HERE to see how mine starts.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


I have seen Ella looking at me though I am not yet acquainted with many of the young children in our church.    Perhaps her interest has to do with my different wig each week.  She is a tiny thing and it is my guess that she is about four years old. Her grandparents bring her to church and Ella is neatly dressed and coiffed to perfection.  She is a precious little angel.

This past Sunday Ella and I ended up on the same pew.  The child was watching me closely as I sketched a picture of our visiting guest preacher.  Whispering something to her grandmother, Ella was allowed to move toward me and watch me draw.  She was too shy to speak to me but she tapped on the picture which I assumed meant she wanted me to continue drawing.

We stood for the closing hymn and Ella went back to her grandmother, took something from her and came back to me.  She tapped the picture she brought and then she tapped me.  She was giving me her own drawing.  We made it a trade and I gave her mine.  

Here is Ella in her back yard climbing the ladder to play on her new slide with the sun shinning on her through the shade of her favorite tree. 

It is nice to have a new friend.

Ella at play in her own back yard:)

Monday, May 05, 2014


Question Of The Week 5-5-14

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I truly thought I would grow up to be a missionary so I guess you could say my desire was for a missionary position:) 

Friday, May 02, 2014


Pull up a chair in front of your television and select your favorite channels.  Are you eagerly awaiting a special new show or are you already into some good TV watching?

Monday evening we will have Jack Bauer back on FOX for another series of 24 titled Live Another Day.  This first episode will be 2 hours. There will only be 12 episodes and I am already depressed that is will end so quickly.  We will know there will be no more.  Or, will there?  We weren't supposed to have this batch of new episodes.  Never say never.

Now we have FARGO the 10 episode television series starring Billy Bob Thornton.  It is brought to us by The Coen brothers who also brought us the movie by the same name. You don't have to subscribe to HBO, Cinemax or Starz to enjoy it.  Tuesday night it is on FX and I anxiously await each new episode.  The show opens with a trailer stating it is "based on a true story" which is totally untrue!  lol  Oh those silly Coen brothers.  This too is a sad show because it is only ten episodes and like a good book, you don't want it to end.

AMC's MAD MEN is back on for what they are saying is a final season.  It has become a good watching experience for me and going without periodic doses of Don Draper could cause some heartache.  I lived in the workplace in the 60's in a steno pool and can testify that the treatment of women in the workplace in  MAD MEN isn't fiction.

TURN is another AMC production that has caught my attention.  It is a drama of espionage set during the Revolutionary War.  Not generally my cup of tea but it is taking over my interest bit by bit.  

Public Television has me hooked forever on DOWNTON ABBEY and CALL THE MIDWIFE.

Other regular network shows that have my undivided attention are:  THE BLACKLIST; BONES; THE GOOD WIFE;  NCIS; INTELLIGENCE (which ended abruptly and I can't find if it is being cancelled or not.)

Old favorites that I am growing weary of are: THE MENTALIST; PERSONS OF INTEREST; DALLAS; HANNIBAL. 

And last, but not least, LAW AND ORDER in any of it's forms keeps me hooked and I record all the reruns I can find as well as continue to watch LAW AND ORDER SVU though it is my least favorite of the bunch.

Goodness look at what a bloodthirsty and melodramatic person I appear to be.  Yikes!   What viewing tips do you have?