Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Losing weight can be done through watching what we eat and exercise. That is what works. So, why am I signing up for weight control through acupuncture tomorrow? My first appointment is at 9:00. I have no will power so this is my newest desperate measure. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


RECENTLY RELEASED PHOTOGRAPH OF GRANNY ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!According to the newly released DVD MAD CITY CHICKENS, one lady was so into her chickens that she began to take on the appearance of her birds. She also began to walk like her chickens and talk like her chickens. This caused me to make inquiry of my spouse, "Do you think that could happen to me?" and he rolled his eyes as if to say, "It's too late to ask."

Do you love chickens? Do you NOT love chickens but wonder why other people do? MAD CITY CHICKENS is the perfect informative and entertaining film for you. I have followed the making of this film through my contact with Thomas at Urban Chickens and it is a thrill to finally see the movie debut.

Did you know there is such a thing as the chicken underground? Did you know chicken lovers are fighting for zoning to allow a few chickens in their yards. After all, it is much cleaner than keeping dogs, yet we somehow think chickens are dirtier. Did you know a few healthy, happy chickens entertain but also provide about 1 1/2 dozen eggs per week for a family. Did you know the cholesterol in a free range or organic fed chicken is less than half that of store bought eggs, plus they contain our much needed Omega 3's.

Avian Flu you say? Don't worry -- be happy. The movie debunks the fears of bird flu and puts your mind at total ease.

If you did not want a chicken before seeing MAD CITY CHICKENS, you will be wanting a few after watching and you'll be trying to figure out just where you will place the little hen house. (It's about hens primarily because most cities do not allow roosters in town. And no, you don't need a rooster in order for the hens to lay eggs. You only need the rooster to fertilize the eggs if you want to hatch them.)

See the link on my sidebar to order your copy of MAD CITY CHICKENS today. No, I'm not getting any commission on the sale. I just love chickens!

P.S. My Spring chicks are hale and hearty this morning after the cold weather and warm weather is moving in rapidly. Actually almost all our snow was melted by 6:00 this morning.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here is one of the sweetest "chicks" known as Owen. If you remember my grand nephew is named for my dad. Here you see him resting on a blanket made by our mother. She was a master weaver and that just makes this photo even more precious.

I updated the situation with my Golden Girl chicks too soon. Yes, it did not get below freezing last night and I was relieved until Ron told me the lower temperatures are coming tonight. So, keep sending warm thoughts.

Now, Gary at ThreeScorePlusTen has tagged me for a meme. I did this one quite a while back when Riot Kitty tagged me but here are six more random things. (Previous random things are here) I'm supposed to tag six more bloggers but again, I'll just leave this open for anyone who wants to do this one.

Six (more) random things about myself:

1.) I am bald and that is a sad random fact of my life. However, sometimes it is a happy fact while friends are still getting their hair ready I pop on a wig and am out the door.

2.) I was a gin-rummy champion my freshman year in college which could account for continued education taking me many years to reach a 3.0 GPA and come off academic probation.

3.) My spouse does most of our gardening but I am always quick to say,"WE grew this" or "WE grew that."

4.) What more is there to wish for now that I have high speed Internet? (oh yes, I could wish to lose 50 lbs!)

5.) I am very immature for a person who has raised a family and managed a successful banking career and raises chickens. Spoiled might be a better word but can an individual be held accountable for what others have done to them?

6.) I watched TWILIGHT yesterday and enjoyed it.

Now it's up to six of you. If you take the challenge, be sure and comment here that you're doing this.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Here chick, chick, chick!

We have our spring chicks. Ron installed our nursery box on the wall of the chicken house. The slanted lid keeps the big chickens from roosting on top of the box. There is a light inside for warmth for the chicks. However, we failed to see the return of winter. So far so good with the chicks surviving the cooler weather. Today it is going to get worse. We are adding a second light to keep the babies warm. If this works, we're good for years to come. If it fails I'm gonna be short some spring chicks. Oh my beautiful Golden Comets!

Monday, March 23, 2009


The children's Spring Break consisted of:
More rocks cleared (no, they weren't eating rocks!)
Hope buries her watch believing a fairy will leave her money
Toilet overflowing (regular event with grandchildren)
Garden planted
Girls do shopping
Playing lots of Guitar hero
Granny's not so much brave as crazy
Last year we had all eight -- how did we do that?
Lots of movies, Netflix and Pawn shop purchases.
Beth, Hope and I watch Chick Flicks
Boys watching grossest movie of all time…..laughing, farting, pooping gross
Story writing (stolen idea from Mary's Writing Nook) or they don't get to collect their pay from Grandpa.
I tell the children, "Tomorrow remind me to be nice. When I get excited or angry, just tell me don't worry be happy."
The next day I start getting hyper and Beth reminds me to "be nice".
Hope looks at Beth, rolls her eyes and explains, "It's a challenge."
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Now they are gone, it is quiet and I am missing them. What's that about??????

Hope, age 6, had a sentence and could have written a story but she refused. Maybe next year.


I gave each grandchild a sentence and challenged them to write a story using that sentence and not revealing what their sentence was. The others would try to guess the sentence. Each starting sentence is highlighted in bold in each story.

I LIKE PIE by Elizabeth, age 12

I like Pie. My name is Elizabeth H. Love is like water; impossible to explain. I tried being normal but I didn't like it. I love smilie faces. Paper is wonderful for writing. Hope made a tent. I ate pizza. Ryan laid down. Dillon played video games. Michael an abstract drawing. Dad laughed until he cried. Granny got Golden Girls. Grandpa Ron watched Hee Haw. A purse is perfect for collections. Alex loves Jessica. Trees make early shade. Country and city are opposites. I am supposed to write a story. There is a wink on Grannys cereal. We live in a house. Boxes are exciting. Summer is hotttt! Yellow and orange are my favorite colors. Dirt is brown. Slim is a good dog. Bratz are wierd. Bows are girly. Baseball is the best. Winds kick Brass. Purple is my other favorite color. I like glitter. Glitter is the herpes of arts & crafts. This was a story. Makes zero sense to me. The End!

When Zombies Attack, a Tutorial

I gave each grandchild a sentence and challenged them to write a story using that sentence and not revealing what their sentence was. The others would try to guess the sentence. Each starting sentence is highlighted in bold in each story.

When Zombies Attack, a Tutorial by Michael, age 14

Have you ever gazed upon an old, long forgotten tombstone and wondered at the possibility that the dead could rise? Have you ever found yourself often cringing in fear beneath your sheets at night like a child at the thought of the undead? Well, your notions are correct, dastardly deeds can occur in the dark. Zombies are real, and very dangerous. In fact, there could be a few prowling the streets of your neighborhood at this very moment. Zombies are an ever-growing threat but don’t be afraid, arm yourself with knowledge. If you carefully follow all of the instructions in this tutorial, zombie troubles will be a thing of the past.

STEP ONE: Know The Zombie

The first step is to know the anatomy of the zombie and how it functions. A zombie is a corpse of a person or animal that is reanimated after death. There are several types of ways that a zombie can be reanimated, such as radiation, the light of a full moon, and different types of chemicals. Also, different types of diseases can turn a living human directly into a zombie. All zombies have only one purpose and need, human flesh and brains. Once a zombie has you sighted it will relentlessly follow you to the ends of the earth. A zombies bite is very infectious and will almost certainly convert you into a walking corpse.

STEP TWO: Killing Time!

Now that you know the zombie its time you learn how to destroy them. There are only two ways to kill a zombie once it has been reanimated, Total dismemberment and decapitation or the destruction of the head. Zombies are corpses so all organs that are vital to us are useless and non-functioning in zombies. Their brains are the only things keeping them alive. Remember, “in the brain and not the chest, head shots are the very best.” Zombies still need legs and arms for transportation so dismemberment is the only other way to send a zombie back to the grave

TIP: NEVER EVER light a zombie on fire! A burning zombie is three times as dangerous as a normal zombie

STEP THREE: Be Prepared

You now know how a zombie functions and how to kill them so now I will instruct you on equipment you must have at all times when dealing with zombies. First the basics. Shovels, baseball bats any bludgeoning instruments to destroy the head will suffice. Also hatchets axes and machetes are good tools. Chainsaws are preferred tools. Next, some more advanced weaponry. Assault rifles, mini guns, sub-machine guns, and machine guns are all great tools for zombie destruction. All of these things are fine tools, but no gun can match the zombie killing power of a good old 12-gauge shotgun. Shotguns are one of the most powerful and well-known killing tools.
You may need explosives for large numbers of attacking zombies. For this I recommend grenades, and remote detonated plastic explosives. Never use flame-throwers. One burning zombie is bad enough, but when you have a multitude of them…

Now that you’ve read my tutorial you should know the basics of defending yourself from a zombie attack. You know the facts, so when you see a group of zombies slowly approaching your front door, you’ll know what to do. Arm yourself with knowledge and reach for your shotgun. Thank you and good night.


I gave each grandchild a sentence and challenged them to write a story using that sentence and not revealing what their sentence was. The others would try to guess the sentence. Each starting sentence is highlighted in bold in each story.

MONKEY BUSINESS by Dillon, age 14

It was cold outside when I got the call. The winter wind was biting at everyone’s ankles, and most everybody was in a terrible mood. I was handling it the difficult way. Six empty bottles were lined up carefully on the edge of my desk. I knew I needed to lay off the wine coolers, but it just wasn’t happening today. The plaque on my door will tell you that I’m Kevin O’Flannigan, Private Eye. People tell me that I’m the best in town, and this is the story of the night that nobody would soon forget.
The phone started to ring at midnight. It didn’t stop until I picked it up two minutes later. “Mr. O’Flannigan?” I heard from the other end. I sighed and told them it was me. What came next was unexpected. “We need you at 61st and Oak, we’ve got a case of body misidentification.” I slowly raised my head from my desk and set the phone back in its cradle. I’d only covered body misidentification once before. It was terrible.
I quickly grabbed my coat and keys and ran down the hall to my car. When I turned the keys in the ignition my car started right up. This was a shock to me because it had never happened before. I pushed down hard on the gas and sped out of the parking lot. As I turned onto the main roads I gunned the accelerator and was suddenly going forty over the speed limit.
Then came the unthinkable. The night began its downward spiral when the front page of the local paper flew into my windshield. This caused my to lose control of my car, but before I crashed into the oddly placed street sign, the image of the bold headline emblazoned across the front of that newspaper was burned into my mind forever. “MONKEY ESCAPES FROM ZOO!!!”.
I climbed slowly from the wreckage that was my car. The front corner had lightly tapped the front of the pole. There was no way I was driving away in that car. Lucky for me the crash had occurred at the scene of the crime. As I walked out to the eerily quiet parking lot I saw a lone man standing over a body. I walked over to the man who turned out to be the chief of police, and as I looked down at the dead body, I had no idea what it was. It sort of reminded me of my cousin chip, but I knew it wasn’t him.
I began to speak with the chief of police, but when I opened my mouth a small cockroach jumped from the ground right into my gaping mouth. I gagged for a few seconds before I was hit hard in the back by the man standing next to me. The cockroach flew out of my mouth, but as it did my entire life flashed quickly before my eyes. One moment in particular stuck out. Suddenly I looked once more at the body. It appeared to be the body of a monkey. I went and picked up the newspaper which had caused my crash, and sure enough the body was the same as the monkey escapee. I pulled out my cinco phone and called the zoo to inform them of their loss.
Now it is three years later, and the monkey is finally having a funeral. I’m in my new car, driving out to the zoo. It’s something I really don’t want to do, but I am anyway. As I’m driving I see something odd on the side of the road, and as I approach it I realize something. It appears to be the body of a monkey. The next thing I know there is a high pitched sound and my car explodes. That’s when I woke up. The funeral was just too boring.


I gave each grandchild a sentence and challenged them to write a story using that sentence and not revealing what their sentence was. The others would try to guess the sentence. Each starting sentence is highlighted in bold in each story.

BEACHTIME FUN by Ryan, age 16

Have you ever gained something only to lose it? I definitely have. I guess I should start this from the beginning. It all started when I went to visit my grandparents in California. It had been a long day and I was walking to the beach to relax.
When I reached the beach I laid out a towel and sat on it. I looked around and saw someone splashing in the water. I looked closer and saw that it was a girl. She noticed me and waved. I waved back and looked away shyly. I closed my eyes and pulled my ipod out of my pocket. I put the headphones in and turned on my favorite song. After a few minutes I fell asleep on my towel.
When I woke up my ipod wasn’t on anymore. I looked at it and saw that the battery had died. Suddenly I heard a scream from the water. I looked up and saw the girl I’d seen earlier thrashing in the water. I jumped up and ran to the edge of the water. Her screaming got louder. I ran into the water feeling adrenaline pumping through my body. I swam out to her and saw why she was screaming. Her foot was trapped under a rock and the waves were going over her head. I quickly ducked under the water and swam to her trapped foot. I grabbed the rock and freed her foot.
I resurfaced and put my arm around her waist. We swam back to shore together. When we reached the shore I picked her up and carried her to my towel. I set her down and looked at her face. I was momentarily stunned. Her bright green eyes were staring into my own. “Are you ok?” I asked breathlessly.
“I think I’ll be ok.” She replied.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“I’m Jordan.” I said offering her my hand.
She shook it and I started smiling. She smiled back and I was stunned again. I started to pull my hand back but she didn’t let go. “Thank you for saving my life.” She said staring into my eyes again.
“I couldn’t let a pretty girl like you drown.” I said starting to blush.
She blushed a little to and said, “Would u mind if a gave you a reward?”
“What kind of reward?” I asked.
“This kind.” She said leaning forward.
She pressed her lips to mine and then leaned back again. My heart pounded in my chest. “I don’t mind that reward.” I said smiling.
“That’s good.” She said starting to lean forward again.
Before she could kiss me again a voice rang out across the beach yelling her name. “That’s my mom.” She said smiling apologetically.
She stood up and started to walk away. “Wait a second,” I said, “Will I see you again?”
“If we’re meant to see each other again then yes.” She said slyly.
“Can I at least have your number?” I asked standing up.
“I don’t have a phone.” She replied.
She turned around and quickly ran away down the beach to her mother. I looked back at my towel and saw something on it. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was a small piece of jewelry. I looked in the direction that Sarah had gone. I couldn’t see her anymore. I slipped the jewelry into my pocket and started to pack up my stuff.
While I was folding my towel I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Sarah standing there. My hand flew to my pocket and pulled out the piece of jewelry. She saw it and smiled. I put it in her hand. She grabbed my hand and then kissed my again. “I brought you something.” She said reaching into her own pocket.
She pulled out a picture and handed it to me. “So you won’t forget me.” She said
She kissed me one more time and then ran away. I looked at the picture and smiled. I would never forget my day on the beach. I finished packing up and then walked home smiling the whole way.

Sunday, March 22, 2009



I have no right to claim her.
From her blog I knew her life.
She shared her friends and laughter
She rarely shared her strife.

Her head held high with love
family, friends, Cletus, Squeeker and Bruce
Her evenings at the tavern
Turning her every which way
AND Loose!

Tears are falling now as she
Leaves the world a better place.
My only sadness is that
I never saw her face to face.

I am not allowing comments on my blog, but if you know Beverly or get acquainted with her by reading her blog that will be up for two weeks, please leave your comments for her family and friends. I found her through the ageless project and was captured by her fun life and busy existence.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today we return to Chicken World! Our Spring chicks arrive at 8:00 AM and Ron and I will be at the grain store early to pick them up. We are adding Sex-links again to our 2009 performance of GRANNY ANNIE'S CHICKEN TALES but this year we are getting Golden Comet Sex-links instead of blacks and reds. The Golden Comet roosters are white (No, I'm not getting any roosters!) and the hens are golden and red. I have had three of these before and they are beautiful girls. We have prepared the existing roosters and hens to expect these great additions to their cast.

My spouse, my son and my grandsons have worked diligently to prepare the chicken house. There is a new nursery box in the chicken house and this will be the first year we will be able to keep the Spring chicks outside instead of in my den or kitchen. Hooray! (I think......) It is probably going to be difficult for me to not think of all the predators that might get in the hen house at night but the nursery box has been so well prepared I doubt any predator can get to the chicks. Maybe a bear, but we don't have many bears around here:)

While we are gone this morning, my daughter will arrive to drop off grandchildren Michael and Hope who will stay with us until Sunday. Ryan and Beth will be here to greet them having been here since last Saturday. As soon as we get back from town and have the new chicks settled, we will leave to go to Tulsa and pick up Dillon (returning from his Boston trip). Then there will be FIVE. We will have all five grandchildren until Sunday so I probably won't be posting again. Just know that I'm busy taking care of fowl chicks and human chicks and enjoying every second!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My blog is decorated for St Patrick' Day but my heart is decorated for a birthday party. Today is my big brother's birthday. He is five years my senior and I've been taking two steps to his one to keep up with him all my life. This picture is the only photo where he showed any mechanical inclinations. However now in his retirement years he has picked up where he left off in the photo. He is fixing all kinds of things and still helping friends, neighbors, strangers, anyone in need.

Once in a while he will call me, but it is usually only his butt calling. Now that's a story for another day.


NEWS FLASH: Tomorrow the Golden Comets are coming!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Heidi was my daughter's 13 year old Schnauzer. They had to have Heidi put to sleep last week. Their beloved pet was having repeated strokes and there was nothing they could do but watch her become more and more incapacitated.

In the midst of the family sorrow, their six-year-old daughter shined a little light. They told her Heidi was dead and why they had her put to sleep. Hope's one question was:

"Where is Heidi?"

"We left her at the Vet's. He will take care of burying her."

"You should have brought her home." Hope pouted.

"Why?" Her astonished mother inquired

"So we could make her into a coat." Hope declared.

I believe my son-in-law has been taking Hope to various sporting goods stores way too often!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We were in the van heading down a busy street last week. Ron suddenly started making an unexpceted turn into a parking lot.

"What are you doing?" I inquired.

"I'm going to get that good pocket knife." he stated.

"What are you talking about?"

"That good pocket knife in the road."

"If anything, that's a stick. What makes you think you could identify a pocket knife at that speed and that distance much less call it a GOOD pocket knife?"

Well, here is what he retrieved from the middle of the road. It's an Old Timer pocket knife in good condition.

Okay, so I'm blind. I might as well admit that I'm deaf too.

Monday, March 09, 2009


My siblings in serious discussion, "What are we going to do about our baby sister Ann?"

Hope very much at ease.

Beth, the dramatic tree hugger.

The O's, Olive and Owen in serious discussion, "What are we going to do about Aunt Ann?"

Just a quick entry with some pictures I wanted to share.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


We have nice visitors. It is a privilege to cook for people who absolutely rave about everything you cook. Judy even told me our guest bed is the most comfortable of all the places they stayed. It looks like they might leave tomorrow. Pooh! I will have to assume my non-exceptional, everyday-woman identity.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


We are very pleased with the satellite Internet that was installed yesterday. My life was sitting in front of the computer all day trying to open some blogs that were too big and/or trying to comment and not being able to open the comment section. I knew higher speed would allow me to complete my computer fun faster and get on to my house cleaning, cooking and other tasks of the day. WRONG!

With the new found ability to open all the pages and comment plus open videos and lots and lots of pictures, I cannot leave because it is an entire new world. I was awake very late last night and opening files just to prove to myself that I could.

Now my blog friends, beware. I'm out to catch up and comment and you're probably going to want to block me from your sites. If you don't see me in a couple of days, please let me know because I might have lost you in all this fancy shuffling.

Monday, March 02, 2009


My godson Travis and Christiane were married on Friday in Colorado. This was the legal marriage. Their wedding ceremony (a/k/a production) will take place in July in Germany. I searched through their pictures and found this one of them in Australia. It best depicts the life they have ahead -- they have the world by the tail and all to themselves, full of lots of laughter and lots of love.
(Christiane titled this photo as "Travis acting like he knows something.")
If you only read one day at a time, be sure and catch my weekend post. I added pictures.

Sunday, March 01, 2009




Our weather forecast for yesterday said to expect "light snow flurries in the AM". My son and grandchildren arrived safely to spend the weekend working on the remodeled chicken house. The snow flurries started and continued the enitre day, finally coming down in huge flakes piling up. My poor family men were freezing and the job had to be finished at least to the point the chickens could be safe on their roost for the night.

Granddaughter and I worked in the house and felt sorry for the guys but gave thanks we were gals and were not expected to be out on the frozen tundra.

We are expecting our friends from Kentucky tomorrow or the next day. They are returning from a long visit (since November) to California. As far as we know their old Kentucky home is still without power so the haven't been in a big fizz to get back there.

Tuesday my satellite internet will be hooked up and hopefully I can make all my blog rounds and read and post comments with new found speed. Cross fingers please:) I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

The boys are already gathering at the breakfast table so I guess Granny Annie better head that way. They just love to come to our table and say, "More eggs please."