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Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Do you delete a lot of blog entries after you have posted them? I do. Probably there are some I did not delete, but should have.

Once in a while I will forget why I am a blogger. This is an extension of my journaling that I have done since I was ten. I write thing down so I can look back in a year and see what was happening then as compared to what is happening now.

My entry will be written and posted and then I will hear my father’s voice, saying: “When in doubt, don’t.” I will look at my post again and if I have doubts about what I have said it gets the big old D-E-L-E-T-E.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Can you tell that I have Spring Fever? This is a hatching I caught on camera last year. Sorry it is dark but it was difficult filming into the incubator. I'm ready for some new baby chicks this year!



Printable Ballot

I have only seen three of the movies mentioned on the ballot and none of the three are nominated for best picture. I saw Gone Baby Gone, Bourne Ultimatum and 3:10 To Yuma. I did like all three of those. Amy Ryan in Gone Baby Gone is nominated for best supporting actress.
If I didn't have Netflix, I wouldn't have seen any of these.

Have you seen the movies and if so, which do you think will win the Oscars. I would not be nearly as excited about this if my goddaughter didn't work for the Academy.


Have you sold short story or article (fiction or non-fiction)?

Have you earned money publishing your poetry?

Do your write jokes, cartoons, or puzzles?

Have you sold art work?

Do you create and sell greeting cards?

Have you earned other creativity dollars not listed here?

Why all these questions? It seems many bloggers will allude to a book they are writing or an article they have published and my curiosity leads me to believe there are many of you who have so much talent you must be making or have made money from your writing or other creative outlets. Tell us about it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008


As of today, I now have only nine days to lose three months of weight. My cardiologist appointment is the 25th. He was extremely disappointed in my weight gain at my last visit. It was my goal to use these 90 days to get back on track and show my desire to be healthy by this visit. Yesterday was my ten day count down, but as you have read, the burger and pie might have thrown me off schedule. I'm off to my exercise bike. Wish me luck. I only need to lose 24 pounds. I wonder if Jenny Craig ever moves in with clients in this kind of pinch?

Saturday, February 16, 2008


For a perfect rainy day, go out for a drive and take photos of the Grand Lake Pensocola Dam. Then go to the cafe named CAFE for the world's best burger, fries and lemon meringue pie. The dam was built around 1939 and they probably thought the tight two lane road over it was wider than necessary. There is also a pedistrian walkway. I remembered all the times crossing the dam with my grandparents on the way to their cabin.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Word of the Day for February 14 is:

mash \MASH\ noun : an intense and usually passing infatuation; also : the object of infatuation

Example sentence:
I think Nora has a mash on you -- you should ask her to the Valentine’s Day dance.

Did you know?

Those shot by Cupid's arrow know that love can spur a desire to hold one's beloved tightly and never let go. Perhaps that embracing feeling of love is why "mash," originally a word for an act of squeezing and crushing, became a term for an intense infatuation or the object of it in 1870. The more popular "crush" showed its loving side in 1884, and "main squeeze" had begun crossing the lips of sweethearts by 1926. "Mash" itself is not widely used today, but the compound "mash note," referring to a love letter, has enjoyed many happy years since its union in 1890.

(c) 2007 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


How do you know when your staying in an Arkansas hotel?
When you call the front desk and say "I've gotta leak in my sink" and
the person at the front desk says "go ahead."

Kentucky State trooper pulls over a pickup truck on I-75.

He says to the teen driver, "Got any ID?"
The driver says, "Bout what?"

A man walks into a psychiatrist's office wearing only underwear made of

plastic wrap.
The psychiatrist says, "Well, I can clearly see you're nuts."


Our phone service went out on Friday. As you know we still use dial up for the internet, not as a matter of choice but as a matter of OA (only available), and trying to get back in the internet groove after being off line for three days is challenging. Once my blog reading falls behind it seems impossible to catch up. I hate missing a single great update.

There seemed to be one good thing come from the party on Saturday. One of the ladies referred me to a company that would install satellite internet for us. Ron and I went there yesterday and found the office dark and locked. We took the phone number and called but we have not received a call back. God does not want me to have high speed internet!

We ran some errands while we were in town only to find our other tasks equally impossible to complete. So, let's go eat a nice lunch!

Oh, did I mention that we were doing this in freezing rain? My son have visited us on Sunday to do some work for Ron. He had decided to spend the night and go back to Tulsa early morning and go straight to work. Not a good decision since we awakened to freezing rain with more freezing rain to follow. I was on pins and needles until I knew my son was safely home. (I believe this is called "an aside comment".)

It was early in the day, but when restaurants highlight their margaritas, I must try one. (I measure the competence of restaurants by their chicken caesar salads and/or their margaritas).
Boo and hiss on this marguarita. It was not even tolerable. The waitress was so gracious and took it back and brought me another. Guess what? It was as bad as the first! I kept my mouth shut this time. We did not take it out on the waitress but I should have known not to expect much as the day seemed to keep going downhill.

Oh well, on our way home we would stop at the post office and pick up my next Netflix movie. Need I say it was not there?

Monday, February 11, 2008


Joey's 18th birthday was in December. He just sent us these pictures of some highlights of his party.
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The instructions were for us to arrive prior to 2:00 PM. The mystery would begin to unfold promptly at 2:00 sharp. My drive to the party launched me into a caravan, as all the invited guests arrived at the same time. Thirty-five women converged at the murder scene to solve the mystery.

The name of the murder victim was disclosed and a brief outline of the investigation was given to the group. Cocktails and appetizers were then served as we introduced ourselves to each other in the character names we had been given ahead of time.

We gathered back in the tightly packed living room and began to start Act I, the sharing of our individual relationships with the deceased. Once we had all disclosed how we knew Helen, the murder victim, we were to mingle again and enjoy a nice potluck buffet luncheon.

Gathering back in the room again, we turned to Act II and began to share clues. Dismissed again for dessert and mingling before gathering back for the conclusion in Act III.

With the role playing completed, we cast our votes for the person we believe commited the crime, for the best costume, for the best actor, etc. At this point, the party that was to have ended around 5:00 PM was still going and it was 6:30 PM. We had been there over 4 1/2 hours and the murderer had not yet been revealed.

I slipped out and came home.

It would be my recommendation to persons hosting a Murder Mystery Party that they limit the guest list to 15 maximum, a time schedule for each act be followed and unruly guests have their characters eliminated while they go outside and run around the house (like I make my grandchildren do when they get out of control!)

It was quite a new experience.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Okay, let's leave politics and get back to chickens.

TWO EGGS! Yesterday there were two eggs in the nests.

Hopefully my girls are getting busy again. I believe this has been my longest egg drought since we've had a flock.

Would you believe my social life depends on my hen's egg production? When we have an abundance of eggs to share, we have lots of friends. When the hens are on strike, rarely do friends and family members come by. Coincidence? I think not!


I watched The Daily Show the other night simply because Tom Brokaw was to be a guest. I am glad that I did. He and Jon Stewart were talking about the mess in the Republican Party and Brokaw described the Republicans as acting like they are "in a theological food fight". Is that great or what!!

He did add that this is starting to even out now that it is spilling over into the Democratic Party.

(Be advised I can say things like that because I are a registered Republican......duh!)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


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The extremes make us what we are. Sometimes we hate the extremes and sometimes we love the extremes but we always should admire the extremes for their unwavering zeal (irritating little b---ards though they be!).

My choices make me a moderate. My composition is a little from the extreme right a little from the extreme left (and I am totally extreme about my choices).

As contemptuous as the zealous extremes are, we must have them to stir the pot and pour out the delicious moderate people that actually make up this country and keep us from going too far one way or the other.

Can you even begin to imagine The United States of America without the extremes?


Monday, February 04, 2008


My sister recommended a movie -- A Murder Of Crows. It immediately went on my Netflix list. It has turned out to be one of my favorites. It is shocking to learn this movie was released in 1999. That explained everything. Ron and I met in 1999 and my avid movie going practically ceased (except for a couple of cartoon movies we took the grandchildren to see).

Recently I purchased an old VHS movie at the flea market. It was released in 1997. It was one I remembered having liked but really nothing more. This movie was popped into the old VHS player and instead of watching the Superbowl yesterday, my entertainment came from Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding, Jr. ROFLOL!

My precious spouse has introduced me to the evils of Hollywood. Neither of us like the politics of many of the movie stars and the fact that they use their celebrity to promote their agendas. If I pay to see these movies, I am putting money in the pockets of those celebrities and therefore helping to promote their agendas. It is difficult to enjoy some movies when you feel like a traitor watching them.

The question remains -- just how many episodes of Beverly Hillbillies reruns can people watch and how many times can we watch Dennis The Menace with Walter Matthau? Those are the dramatic Hollywood productions Ron can tolerate. Those and any historic documentary is usually acceptable.

Once I was told I would never quit smoking until I had no reason to rebel. Could I be watching all these movies now as a form of rebellion? Or could it just be that I love getting lost in fantasy for a few hours once in a while?

Plus, this weekend it was medically necessary. The movies kept me off my poor foot which is much better now by the way. Everyone's concern was greatly appreciated.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Sprinkle was my first commenter on my first blog. She appears and disappears for various reasons. All sensible reasons but you can't help but worry about her. Meanwhile she has tagged everyone on her blog and I don't usually respond to meme's but since it is Sprinkle, I must. Here goes:

What time did you get up this morning? 5:11 a.m..

TV show? I guess my big favorite is Boston Legal but I also like House and Criminal Intent.

What did you have for breakfast? Raisin Bran Nut Crunch

What is your middle name? Ann

What food(s) do you dislike? I ate something a few weeks ago and could not even be polite and finish it and now I can't remember what it was. Hum?

What kind of car do you drive? Two Dodge Caravans one 2000 one 2004

Favorite sandwich? French Toasted Tuna Sandwich (Got recipe from OGO at Who Cares? Also got our Charleston Shrimp recipe from her. Yum!)

What characteristic do you despise? Know-It-Alls

Favorite item of clothing? Christmas soft white robe

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Back to Charleston , SC

What color is your bathroom? Both bathrooms are the color of "Need painting!"

What is your favorite brand of clothing? SA or GI (Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries)

Where would you like to retire? We ARE retired and right here is perfect.

Your most memorable birthday? My 10th birthday skating party.

Favorite sport to watch? Boxing

Favorite quote? William Wordsworth also: "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of a powerful feeling."

When is your birthday? On the day I was born.

Morning or a night person? Morning, morning, morning.

What pets do you have? A dog Slim, 7 Cats, 27 Chickens.

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? A Missionary

Favorite flower? Wildflowers

What color crayon would you be? RED

Siblings? Older brother, older sister....I'm the YOT (Youngest of Three)

What is your favorite day of the year? Each day that I'm breathing.

What was your favorite toy as a child? Box of miniature ceramic figures.

Summer or winter? Spring

Hugs or kisses? Not a touchy feely person. A nice glance or a knowing wink.

Coffee or tea? Coffee or Scotch and water.

When was the last time you cried? Today (usually once a day.)

What is under your bed? Zachary Bear and Slim's blankets.

Favorite smells? Honeysuckle

What are you afraid of? All things that go bump in the night.

Salty or sweet? Bittersweet Chocolate

Favorite day of the week? Monday (another new start.)

How many towns have you lived in? 27

Where do you live now? Right here :-)

Go for it're all tagged.


It was Wednesday and my right ankle began to hurt for seemingly no reason. The limping began and my belief was that the next day it would be better. No such luck – it was worse. My little journey to the mailbox in the snow on Thursday probably didn’t help.

Again my belief was that it would be better the next day. My mind began a journey of retracing my steps and into events that might have led to this injury. There was no memory of twisting my ankle or stepping on anything that caused pain. Sleepwalking was about the best answer that surfaced.

Friday the bruise was huge. The arch of my foot was black and the black and blue mark spread to my ankle and over the top of my foot. My toes were trying to disappear in the swelling. The best thing would be to stay off my foot but I am just not a person who can do that. Ron got tired of telling me to be careful.

Saturday the bruise began to lighten up and this morning it is more of a red color with swelling and some pain. Still the mystery remains. How can a person end up with such a painful and lingering injury and not have any idea how it came to be?

No dear friends, I did not have too much wine!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Thursday we awakened to freezing rain which quickly turned to snow. It snowed and snowed and piled and piled. I looked on my desk and there was Jessi's birthday card. We would not be able to get to the post office to mail it. Today is her birthday and the card needed to be in the mail to arrive on time. What was left for a godmother to do?

I put on Ron's boots, his flannel hooded jacket, grabbed up the birthday greetings and began the long trudge to the mailbox. The sleet/snow mix pelted me in the face and ice began to form on my eye lashes. Slim ran ahead of me. She literally buried her nose in the snow and plowed a path for me.

When I reached the mailbox it was covered with snow. I managed to open the box, insert the card and raise the flag. Now it was up to our rural mail carrier. We all know how uncertain that can be. Later that afternoon we did hear the roar of the postal truck and see it hesitate briefly at our mailbox. It appeared a succesful mission.

Anyway Jessi, you know I did my part. I hope your card arrives today and that you have a perfectly wonderful day. HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY TO YOU JJJ with all my love!

(I would be calling you with your birthday story but 7:00 am here is 5:00 a.m. in California and you might not care to hear my loving voice this early:-)

Friday, February 01, 2008


Everyone knows that Down syndrome persons are the most loving and unsuspecting. Today's news includes headlines of bombings in Iraq with al-Quida terrorisits using women with Down symdrome as suicide bombers. The bombs were acitivated by remote control. How could another human exploit that kind of trust? These terrorists are the worst of the worst! I cannot contain my tears.


No more denial! There are mountain lions in Oklahoma. Thank God for the plate glass door. These photos are from a guy in Watonga, Oklahoma. The pictures were taken from his kitchen onto his patio deck. The critter was watching his little kids playing on the kitchen floor. My husband has often warned me not to run out the door to see why the dog is barking. I think I shall proceed more carefully in the future. This post was inspired by the photo on Judy's blog today.
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