Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Have you ever attended a Murder Mystery party? It is exciting for me to have my first invitation to such a gathering. The host has revealed that my name will be Grace the restaurant owner. The remainder of my role in this mystery plot will be sent to me in the mail.

If you have ever been to a Murder Mystery party, tell me about it and give me some idea what to expect. There will be around 30 people at this one and only a few are acquaintances of mine. Being a bit shy causes some apprehension on my part.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


This morning I was waiting for a fresh pot of coffee to brew, so I heated a cup of yesterday's left over coffee in the microwave. My microwave has a carousel and I stood there in a trance watching the cup go round and round. I pondered the age of my microwave, it's small size, and felt a bit out of modern society with this old model microwave. "Maybe we should get a new one" I suggested to my spinning brain.

"Why?" came a response from the machine taking up space on my counter top.

That was a fair question. Why would I need a new microwave? All I use it for is to reheat meals or frozen dinners, to heat coffee, to bake a potato or pop corn. Occasionally I will cook a casserole in the microwave, but so far my old model can handle my needs.

Does anyone use their microwave oven for more things than I do? Are they any suggestions why I should purchase a bigger and better microwave? coffee is ready.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Our paths crossed for the first time on this date 9 years ago. It took very little time for me to realize I struck gold!

Friday, January 25, 2008


If there was ever a time minorities should be offended, it is now. My ability to determine my Presidential candidate has been allocated to me by those persons saying, "All women will vote for Hillary and all blacks will vote for Obama." (I'm not sure which category black women are put in.)

Excuse me, when did women and blacks lose the ability to make judgements based on the content of one's character? Why are we continuing to hear the terms of race and gender being thrown at us daily? The day those become non-issues will be the day we are all recognized for our individual abilities and intelligence.

If I ever select my 2008 Presidential candidate the decision will be based solely on the one I determine will best lead our country on the issues that matter most to me. I do not see vaginas or skin color on my check list of relevance.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


When I comment I always like to get follow up comments to see what other people are saying to that same blogger.; Does anyone find that some blogger comments have a place to check "Email Follow up Comments" one day and the next day that same blog won't.....or is that just my imagination?


We have lived in this land of Casinos for almost two years. Only yesterday did I finally enter one. It is a fairly new Casino just 7 miles down the road from us. I had invited a friend to lunch and suggested she pick where we would eat. The food in the restaurant was wonderful and very reasonably priced. We were served quickly which gave us time then to gamble (as if the stock market these days isn't enough of a gamble). There you see my first gambling winnings from the 21st Century. That is $1.87 in case you can't tell. That is over and above the $1.00 I started with. (I did win fifty cents at the Virgin River Casino in Mesquite, Nevada in the 20th Century.) Now you can't say you don't know any high rollers:-)
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We broke down and purchased a dozen eggs on Sunday. I showed the full carton to my girls and hopefully it will shame them into action. We miss our fresh, fresh, free-range eggs!

On a very happy note, the molting hens did not stay featherless as long this year as they did last year. Everyone is looking fat and healthy again.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Chelle is 36 today. She was forced into this world at a scheduled date so my alcoholic physician could get to a clinic to dry out. Since her entry into this world against the time of her own choosing, she has attempted to be in control.

She was five years old when her free balloon from McDonalds drifted away as soon as we got outside. "That's life" I told the angry child. But that did not satisfy Chelle. She marched back into McDonalds, ask for the manager and demanded another balloon. She came out smiling carrying a replacement balloon.

Her elementary school allowed boys to play soccer on the field at lunch time. It was Chelle who grabbed the ball from the boys and with a trail of little girls behind her, marched into the Principal's office and demanded equal time for the girls to play soccer. They got it.

High School led her to listen to the protests of all the band members about the unfairness of their director. She gathered all the facts and felt that most of the complaints had relevance. At what she believed the was the right time, she got the attention of the band director and read off the list of grievances. There was NOT resounding applause from her classmates and ONLY ONE of her friends accompanied her as she marched off the field. She had envisioned the entire band following her. Oops.

Regardless she has managed to continue her protests and move forward with the quest for truth and justice. Who knew such a tiny little baby girl would be full of so many surprises. She continues to amaze this mama.

Happy Birthday Chelle! We are so proud of you and we love you.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


It has happened.... Chelle has updated her blog. Go here for the latest news of her family.


Any mother or grandmother of boys or a boy will appreciate Rachel Balducci's blog entitled Testosterhome. I read her often and laugh at the antics of her five boys. She has recently published an article in Good Housekeeping and it is a delight. You may read that article BIG LOVE here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 can well drained sour kraut
2 tsp. caraway seeds
Mix ingredients together and refrigerate for 24 hours.

Marble Rye
Turkey Pastrami (or ham or corn beef)
Provolone or Swiss cheese

Put your sandwich with buttered sides to the outside together with the meat, cheese and dressing. Place on griddle until bread is toasted and cheese is melty. You have a delicious, creamy Reuben sandwich to die for.

My Sil gave me this recipe years ago and it is tops!


Electile Dysfunction : the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year.


Jasmine is Ron's youngest grandchild. Our fourteen year old California girl has colored her hair! We are told these pictures both are Jasmine. I guess they are. It might be time to hire her a bodyguard.
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Friday, January 18, 2008


Heeeeeere's Shyanne! (my brother's GREAT grandchild. Here we go again.)
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Hope is growing way too fast! (my youngest grandchild)
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Jared, the adventurer. (my brother's youngest grandchild)
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Good morning Cloelle! (my sister's youngest grandchild)
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Here is a challenge. Tell about yourself or an event in your life. How hard could that be? Well, you are tagged to write this event as a blog entry or a comment here without using the pronouns, I, Me, Mine, My, or We.

Example: "It is a desire to see bloggers stop by and comment. It is a hopeful thing on the part of this writer that they will be able to take a certain challenge and complete the task with ease."

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I subscribe to Merriam-Webster's online Word Of The Day. I like to write a little story or short paragraph with the words least familar and least used. Here is a brief epistle for your enjoyment.

Traveling by shank's mare is the best form of exercise.

If we are walking through a thorny patch, we should be careful not to scarify our legs.

It is pleasurable to view the homes as we stroll along the way and sort them by traditional structures and more neoteric architecture.

At times, walking with a companion, we could get into petty arguments of invidious nature.

Environmentalists travel by shanks mare to avoid even the need for biofuel. This freedom of modern constraints creates sapient thinking.

A refreshing beverage on the long walk sometimes has a prickly mouthfeel if it contains excessive carbonation. .

Believe it or not walking, as healthy as it is, can even be anathematized by lazy critics.

Just think of those primeval times where walking was the only mode of travel available.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


They called her Grandma Sugar because she always said, “Give me some sugar.” She was a softie when it came to grandchildren. Otherwise, she was tough as a boot.

She let my son stay up late to watch Johnny Carson show. It made him feel very important. She inspired my children's creativity and Grandma Sugar taught my daughter her “in-your-face” stride of confidence.

Authentic is the best word I can think of to describe my former mother-in-law. She taught us all so very much because she had learned so very much in her lifetime.

Yesterday she left the strange land of confusion she has been living in and is at peace.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Finding a blogger comment that appeals to me, leads me to their profile. Often I find several blog links for this one blogger. Without reading all two, three or four of their blogs, how do we know which we should select to bookmark or subscribe?

Now, my Monday confession. I stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday. The chickens, cats and dog were all fed but only after I made sure no cars were coming on the main road, and I slipped out to take care of the animals.

There was one thing on my agenda for yesterday to watch Comanche Moon. What a disappointment. I felt like the actors were reading their lines from cue cards.

Late in the evening I mentioned to my spouse, "I had my pajamas on all day."

"I noticed." he said matter-of-factly.

"Oh, did you want to go somewhere?" I asked.

"No, but I needed help moving something in the shop and thought I would ask for your help when you got dressed."

Maybe I'll stay in my pajamas today:-)

Sunday, January 13, 2008


DON'T FORGET -- it starts tonight! Larry McMurtry's COMANCHE MOON 6 hour series will start on CBS tonight, 1/13/08, and continue Tuesday night 1/15/08 and end Wednesday night 1/16/08!


These are my adivsors. Their names are Do and Da. I brought them back from Kentucky and they are devil and angel in their opinions of what I should write about on my blog.

I actually started out with three little pigs but we all know "two's company, three's a crowd" so Day was left in Kentucky with my friend Judy. She hasn't told me, but I imagine she was left with the only wise pig and I brought home the losers.

A lot of you must be thrilled to finally realize where I get my guidance. My blogging probably makes sense now.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008


My mother, aunts, uncle, and my grandparents from Ponca City, Oklahoma would often talk about the 101 Ranch and the historic significance it added to their active oil town in Oklahoma. The story my mother loved most was of a wealthy Aunt who came to visit from Pennsylvania. Her main goal was to visit the 101 Ranch. This Aunt returned from her delightful 101 Ranch outing with stories of authentic cowboys and Indians. She had purchased Indian blankets, only to turn one over and see a tag that read, “Sears”.

The tales of cowboys and Indians and the significant contributions to Rodeo brought by African American Cowboy Bill Pickett are most well known. He is said to be credited for creating “bulldogging”. Now I am being introduced to the cowgirls of the 101 Ranch Wild West Show, not from a Ponca City author but from Monica James, an Arizona gun competitor and Fast Draw champion who wrote
BUCKSKIN BESSIE HER LOST LETTERS. These historic letters were found in a trunk at an estate sale and Monica James was their perfect rescuer.

Each letter is published in script type but there are actual samples of Bessie’s handwriting. Colorful Bessie's terminology is sometimes crude, but her penmanship is beautiful!. Monica James has researched each letter and given information, documentation and photographs galore to authenticate each entry as well as create even greater mysteries in the mind of the readers.

I met Monica James through my blogging. I was astonished to learn she had written and published this book on one of my favorite topics. She has given us an extraordinary glimpse into the life of a talented Western cowgirl and the glory of the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show.

I only wish I had found this book before mother died. I know she would have loved it. Mother read every Western novel she could get her hands on. She took marksmanship in college and won ribbons for her skills. Television westerns were her favorites and John Wayne was her personal hero. I wonder now if her love of the Wild West stemmed from her life in Ponca under the glamorous legacy of the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show. .

A recent article in Oklahoma Living Magazine, August, 2007 by Kathy Holsonbake, quoted Al Ritter, a member of the 101 Ranch Old Timers’ Association, “ The 10l Ranch was ahead of its time with it’s hiring practices. They gave women jobs before women could vote. The cowgirls were pioneers in showmanship and physical activities in the arena.” These letters by Bessie Herberg certainly emphasize the special kind of woman these cowgirls had to be.

Thank you Monica James for putting together this wonderful book! I feel as if I have personally met Buckskin Bessie and she was quite a character for her time. I have finished this book with a feeling of a beginning rather than an ending. Now we need a movie or a History Channel Special.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Yesterday the neighbor's small but aggressive Boston Bull Dog was after my chickens. Slim was doing her best to herd my one stray fowl, a Polish chicken named Victor Girl, back to the house. VG was as afraid of Slim as she was the neighbor's dog and she hid under a pile of boards. I was running from the back of the house to the front of the house trying to save VG and run off the neighbor's dog at the same time. All the other chickens had run into the safety of the pen under the leadership of Milton the guinea.

Slim stood guard over Victor Girl until I could get there and pick her up. I carried her to safety. It was the first time I had touched her since she was a chick. I could not believe how velvety soft she was and petted her a while before depositing her with the others.

This morning when I let the chickens out for the day, VG did not run out with the others. She came to me and walked around and around as if to say "Thanks".
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Sunday, January 06, 2008


See Tiger Lily, Caesar and Elenore. With his waddle and comb, we can be sure now that Caesar is a male. Just what I needed, another ROOSTER! He is a pretty boy and Tiger Lily and Elenore are keeping him safe.
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Friday and Saturday we gathered at my sister's home for our Sibling New Year. My precious sister was suffering from a severe ear infection, but she insisted that we all come anyway. She and my Bil were wonderful hosts and she only got dizzy if she leaned forward.

We laughed and laughed. Perhaps we cried a little, but we managed to keep that part under control.

See if you can tell who suffers from acid reflux, who has arthritis, who has heart problems, who suffers from severe headaches, who needs knee replacements and who needs hip replacements?

Do you know if we are dog people or cat people?
One individual in our group insisted on paying for our dinner and then bought the dinner for the people next to us in the restaurant also.
One individual fell asleep during the movie.
Two went to bed at 9:00 p.m. fearing we would start playing board games and make them play.

Who are the avid fisherpersons and who almost poked his eye out with his new porcupine quill bobber?
Who washed the breakfast dishes and who disappeared to the bathroom when the dish washing started?

Regardless of what we have become in our 60's, when we get together we are goofy kids again and it is wonderful!
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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Chelle was given an award on Friday. She works for Missouri Public School system as a Para Educator. She was named Employee Of The Month! The picture above pretty well reflects her life. She is always making the sacrifices in every aspect of her life and she smiles through adversity. Let responsibility pile on (i.e. our grandchildren Michael and Hope) and she takes it on the chin (or on the stomach!). I am not the least bit surprised she was named Employee Of The Month! Congratulations dear precious daughter!
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Friday, January 04, 2008


I am awaiting a special package. I bought Changes In The Wind's book BUCKSKIN BESSIE. I cannot wait to read it. I'm pretty sure our rural postal carrier is reading it first. (The book is really not late yet, I'm just too eager.)

We moved here almost two years ago. We rented a P.O. box thinking all our mail would be put in the box. That was the way it was in our previous town, but that was because the rural carrier did not deliver to our address.

Here if the physical address shows anywhere on the package, the carrier is going to grab it up and put it in his pack. Even if the P.O. box is present and even if the 9 digit zip is correct for the P.O. Box. We know he is carrying it around for several days before he drops it off. Since we are getting other people's mail in our box, we're pretty sure they have ours for a few days at a time. We will say: "Guess Dave is watching our movies first; wearing our new clothes; trying our medications; reading our magazines."

This fellow is also a dictator. If you complain about anything regarding the U.S. Postal service, he is very quickly in-your-face. Once I was having a polite discussion with the clerk in the post office and suddenly insane postal carrier Dave came charging out of the back giving me all kinds of stories about why something happened that did not even involve him.

He drives a pickup truck and it is very loud. We can hear him coming and we can hear him going. Sometimes he will slow down, as if he is leaving some mail, and then take off with trail a'blazin. I walk all the way out to the mailbox and there is nothing. I'm pretty sure I can see Crazy Dave peeking from behind a tree down the road and laughing at me.

If any of you have seen the movie FUNNY FARM you know what it is to battle a rural postal carrier. It is a no-win situation. The postal carrier has ALL the power.

(My sincere apologies to dedicated rural postal carriers who do their best to serve society in a normal sane manner.)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


This was a great story from The One Acre Wood to close out 2007.


I find it difficult to worship or meditate these days. It is very emotional for me. It is almost painful.

My parents are both gone. They were so good.

Was it a blessing or a curse to be a child of such good people? Could it be that goodness is a form of abuse? I will never measure up.

It wears me out sometimes to think of all they did for people. Where did they get the energy to constantly help others or to simply look for ways to help others? Their radar detectors were always set to alert them of someone's need. We called them The Mission Impossible Team.

My mother's greatest pain in her final years came from her physical limitations. Her inability to walk made her a recipient of help. She continually told us that she did not like being a "burden". I believe she was so addicted to helping others that she was suffering from "giving withdrawal".

How did it get started on this thought train today? This quote by Arthur Ashe, "From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life."

How blessed I am to have shared their lives and their goodness!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Yes, Black Eye Peas. I'm showing the can to show that they are black eye not black eyed peas.

Home made Red Lobster cheese bread!

The reason a pig cannot look backwards is so it will not know it's butt is gone.

These are scalloped potatoes but my husband calls them scalped potatoes. He said he always thought that's what they were calling them when he was growing up.
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We will eat ham and black eye peas this New Years Day. The black eye peas are for good luck in the coming year and the ham is because pigs cannot look backwards. I love black eye peas so it's not a problem for me but some of our family members take a spoon full as if it were nasty tasting medicine. What tradition or traditions will you follow today? (Besides hangover recovery!)


Kin \kin\ noun: a group of persons of common ancestry one's relatives, kindred.

Kith \KITH\ noun: familiar friends, (i.e. bloggers) neighbors or relatives.

My blogging started as continuation of my years of personal journaling. It became a way to inform my kin of life's happenings. It was an added treat to discover a world of kith beyond the constraints of my blog.

Kin and Kith incite laughter and tears and provoke thought.

So, who would have ever thought blogs could also offer Sunday church services at Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather as well as a rockin' New Year's Eve party at Nora's Chez Pez. (It did not hurt my feelings (much) that no one noticed me at the party...............:-(

Awe, the wonder of it all!

What will 2008 bring to kith and kin alike? I can not wait to find out!


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