Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Jasmine's team won first place in their division and will compete in Regionals over Thanksgiving. WooHoo!! No wonder we haven't heard from Terri in a while. We're glad to hear and we're so proud of Jasmine.
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy IVGLDSW Day!

Rhonda sent this. It's great!

Today is International Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman's Day, so please send this message to someone you think fits this description. Please do not send it back to me as I have already received it from a Very Good Looking, Damn Smart Woman! And remember this motto to live by: Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!" Have a wonderful day


C.A.C.K.L.E. (Chicken Annie's Collectable Kool Little Everything) Here is my flea market booth in the beginning stages. I only have 40 items there right now to see how this goes. Supposedly this place gets a lot of traffic and is near the lake, but this time of year probably isn't the best to start. Who knows. I'll still eBay too. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

HOORAY StL!!!!!!!!

Our grandson Dillon is crazy about the St. Louis cardinals. He has gotten us hooked on this year's World Series and we are totally enthusiastic about the current 2-1 wins. I worry that my passion may have jinxed the Cardinals on Sunday night because I didn't miss a play and they lost to Detroit. Last night every time I left the room to get something, the Cardinals scored. Tonight I think I'll sit in another room and just listen.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Slim, our intelligent dog, has dragged the garden hose into the front yard. She has also piled up several rags near the hose. We're not sure if she is getting ready to water the lawn or wash the van! LOL

Oh yes, Happy Birthday Greetings to Rhonda Annette, One-L Michele and Precious niece Melissa! I always think of you three on the 24th.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Our worms arrived yesterday. They are in the den this morning. Ron has moved them from their box into a large bucket. There are two pounds of wiggly, squiggly, slimy worms (about 2000 worms) and I have named each one.......FISH FOOD! It looks lke I won't be having to dig worms for our future fishing expeditions.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Click here to see Christy's latest with Cherub Shoes. FANTASTIC!


Yesterday I was listening to a talk show and the host said the following: "The only things the Republicans have going for them is that they are not Democrats." Neal Boortz, Oct. 17, 2006


Ron and I have been planning to go fishing together. Sunday I dug worms for bait, but we didn't get to go, so I fed the worms to the chickens. Yesterday looked like a good time to go. I dug some more worms. This makes me quite popular with the chickens as they figure out what I'm doing and follow me around.

My spouse and I found a nice quiet bank on the lake and I carefully watched my bobber. Finally it happened. I caught the first fish I've caught in about 50 year! It was a small bluegill and I threw it back, but progress is made.

Meanwhile, it was fun just to be fishing with Ron. It was like going on a date. The next time I think I'll do a little more preparation and pack some sandwiches for a longer stay.

Retirement is not so much about what you do every day, as it is about what you don't do -- like go to work. It's wonderful!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well, well, I was surprised. Flipping channels the other evening, I stopped briefly at a show I think is called Close To Home. Two women were having a discussion. I think they are both playing roles of ADAs. One was wanting to start smoking again and was holding a cigarette. The other was trying to disuade her friend and she said, "I'm so glad that I never engaged in those kinds of deviant behavior."

I do not smoke but I used to. I know and love many people who still smoke, though I wish they would quit. Meanwhile, I would never call their smoking or my past smoking as deviant behavior!

deviant - a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior Synonyms: pervert, deviate, degenerate Adj.


My sister writes: "I woke up this morning and thought......I want a poached egg. Don't know how to poach an egg so ask google. I got such a kick out of the first website and wanted to share."

Click here to see for yourself.

My sister also says, "There's God and then there's Google." She is so wise :-)


First Ron had to repair the monkey's broken arm and paint over the repairs. Next Ron had to climb up and down the ladder to trim the tree so the monkey could swing freely. Next Ron had to secure the rope........and now the monkey is swinging at our new home and I am smiling because my sweet husband is soooooooooooo sweet to go to so much trouble for me :-) Posted by Picasa


She is not only supposed to be the most loving, caring, nurturing hen, she is also decked out in Elenore's favorite colors.
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Saturday, October 14, 2006


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This morning we attended a Poultry Swap Meet near Grove. We were looking for a couple of Silkies. We came home with one Silky Rooster and two silky hens, plus seven Silky mixes. As I was asking about the nurturing aspect of Silkies the man pointed out a beauty that he said was a Silky mix and a very good, caring, nurturing hen. About that time Elenore called to see what we were doing. Thus, it was fate to name this sweet hen Elenore. One of the white Silky mixes has pink comb, so her name is Pinkie. Since I was inspired to get Silkies because of one of the illustrations in my preacher's sermon recently, I think I'll name the Silky Rooster Mouzon. That only leaves seven others to name.........hum???

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Peace in the valley -- today.

The Wahoo champion of this generation remained undefeated.

He can forever taunt me for being his "older" cousin. I am 60 but he is forever 59. I will always see the twinkle in his eye.

This dear cousin was the epitome of "good family".

Monday, October 09, 2006


Tandy, Ryan, Dillon and Beth were here this weekend. They came to help with the christening and launching of the US 2 Maru. It sure turned out to be a weekend full of much more than a boat launching.

First, it was a weekend of food. I was so pleased to be able to cook for my family and serve us some new and delightful treats. They consumed two casseroles, one pot of soup, bacon and eggs, 30 deviled eggs and 6 1/2 dozen homemade cookies, all the pop in the house, a few beers (not the children). It wasn't consumption of the adults as much as the children. It is utterly amazing how much food 12 and 14 year old boys can put away!

Second it was a weekend of unexpected injury. See the photos of the fish hook through Ryan's ear. Dillon cast the fateful hook and will probably hear about it the rest of his life. Ryan had recently had his ears pierced and the mis-cast hook went right into the piercing hole. Call it "Catch Of The Day" or call it "A Hole In One".

Third it was a weekend of preparation for launch. We retrieved our boat from the shop where it has been since Sept 8th. Supposedly the engine was repaired. Next we had the talents of Tandy, graphic designer, to place the boat numbers on straight and to put the name of the boat.

The launching was spectacular as was the quick trip back home. There was a problem with the motor, however about the time they figured it out and wanted to re-launch, the hook incident occurred so we will wait for another day. Meanwhile, it was formally launched and took a quick spin on the lake and we have a suitable boat for family and friends.

Fourth, we did manage some fishing at Twin Bridges with no catches there but lots of fun and I got to try out my new fishing rod. I can't wait to truly get the hang of this fishing stuff. I love it already.

Now we're getting ready for Iowa trip and will be off and running tomorrow. Bye for now.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

United Methodist Survey

Take this survey to help provide agenda for the State of the UMC at the 2008 General Conference.

I rated the two final questions as "Extremely Hopeful" and made these comments:

Please tell me how hopeful you are for the future of your local church.

The "open hearts, open arms" attitude of the UMC has invited persons from other denominations who now wish to exclude those who welcomed them so openly. We embraced their beliefs and wished to share ours but they seem to only be interested in exclusion.

And how hopeful are you for the future of the United Methodist denomination?

I have always been proud to be a Methodist but am becoming less proud as our leaders become too political in the world. Everyone cannot be nurtured in Christian love and faith when judgemental boundaries are established at every turn of the road.

Friday, October 06, 2006


How can we condemn the protestors who planned to crash the Amish girls’ funerals? The entire world crashed those funerals with the help of the media.

Knowing the Amish do not wish to be photographed, the media sneaks closeups of members of the community and publishes them. The Amish carriages had to pass streams of media satellite vans in order to have the funerals. We give the media license by looking at the pictures and watching their coverage.

You know a movie is probably already in the works about these killings. I have already seen jokes starting about the killings. The quiet, close-knit Amish community has become fodder for our favorite frenzied cry, “Breaking News!” That makes it right and means we own it.

I wonder if we couldn’t just withdraw from their community now and let them grieve in peace.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Moe and Curly will be one year old next month. Larry went to the bird sanctuary to live. They are the surviving mangnum opus of Chicken Annie, born 11-17-05.
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Moe Approaches First Birthday

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Elenore and I went to Tulsa together yesterday. We enjoyed a nice day and wonderful visit with our mother.

It was Elenore's idea for us to go together and it worked out great. Our house is right on Elenore's path to Tulsa, so she just stopped and got me and continued on. Hopefully we can do this a lot more.

Print and Elaine had visited mother on Tuesday, so she was very happy. When they were there, they got mother's watch repaired and they filled her cabinet with Heath and Hershey bars.

We got new batteries for mother's wall clock and restocked her kleenex supply. We also took her some Hershey bars. It is good to know we fixed her up with kleenex so she can wipe her mouth off after she eats the chocolate we ALL brought her. Ha, ha, ha.

Mother doesn't usually get caught up in the news stories, but she was taken by the terrible shooting of the Amish girls. She was remembering her cousin from Pennsylvania who had always had Amish girls working in her home.

Ron and I are off to Iowa next week for another ship reunion. This one is for the USS Prairie. We are looking for Tandy and the children to visit this weekend and hopefully we'll have our boat back from the shop ready to water test it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sunday my minister used the following story as an illustration in his sermon.

A woman saw a turtle in peril on their road. She stopped her car, got out and rescued the turtle. She took it to a safe area with a stream where she believed the turtle would have a better life. The strong-willed turtle immediately turned around and headed back to the busy road.

Our minister said this is the way God turns us in a better direction and we go back to whatever we were doing before we were “shown the way”..

I don’t like the minister’s analogy. I think the turtle was following a plan in the first place and doing what turtles do, going where the turtle intended to go. This woman decided to mix in force her demands on the turtle. She decided she knew better than the turtle or the turtle’s creator.

Who are we to mess with nature? Sometimes we have to accept peril in order to respect another’s plan.


My blog sidebar now shows Menus4Moms. It will update the weekly menus automatically. You can click on the link and get the recipes and grocery lists. Everyone who knows me, knows how difficult it is for me to plan meals. Remember "Soup's On" ? Anyway, I found the Weekly Feeder cookbook that is great, but it is primarily pasta meals. Now I have found this free website. It will update automatially each week. All but one of last weeks meals were good.

If you don't have time to think or if you are domestically impaired as I am, simply print the grocery list, mark off the things you already have and pick up the rest. That's it until dinner time. Then you read the plan for the day and you already have all the ingredients on hand. You can even surprise yourself as well as your family. And if a meal is bad, you don't get the blame -- you blame the Menus4Moms. LOL


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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Can you see the antlers on the big one? Click to enlarge picture to get a better view.
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