Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
Happy New Year

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Hope
Happy Birthday to you
and many more
on channel four
and scoobie do
on channel two........
Granny Annie and Grandpa Ron
Really, really love you!
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Monday, June 26, 2006


Chelle has written on her blog!!! Actually twice....and it is rumored that Print is going to write again on his blog soon. Will wonders never cease.

Dear Mother:

Today is a big day. Elenore, David and Christy are in Kansas City. David will have an angiogram to view his arteries and the doctor's might determine that he will need another stent. If he does, they will go ahead and add one today. It is such a common procedure these days, but it is still worthy of prayer and concern. I know you are with them as we all are this day in heart, mind and spirit.

Today is a day for rejoicing with Chelle and Kit as they celebrate their 13th year of marriage. They are such a loving and happy couple and certainly have learned the secret of a good marriage and a strong family. I believe Chelle studied her Granny Elizabeth and her Grandpa Owen very carefully and learned very well.

We still have Jasmine visiting us and we will be in Tulsa later this week so she can visit with you. It was great having Terri and the boys here too for a few days but they have already gone back to San Diego. Their visit was much too short.

I had a lengthy phone conversation with Print yesterday. Isn't that strange. He told me lots of things that are going on with them. I can't remember a time in recent years that Print has been able to actually chat on the phone and share so much information without interruption. I think he's getting into retirement and enjoying it a lot.

It is Monday and now we are all off to begin a new week. We hope yours is a good one and we look forward to seeing you Wednesday and Thursday.

Lots and lots of love!
Ann, Ron and Jasmine.....and Slim and Soccer Ball, Jenny, Jet, and the chickens.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


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We celebrate Terri's birthday together since she won't be here in July. Today Terri, Joey and Ian returned to Caifornia. Jasmine is still with us until July 6th. Today Elenore and David must part from Nora and Grant. There is nothing easy about parting from grandkids! Posted by Picasa


Ian wearing hat from grandpa that reads "Women want me, Fish fear me." Jasmine squinting into the sun and Joey in grandpa's cowboy hat as C.T. (California Tex) Posted by Picasa


Dear, Granie Annie

Coming to visit you is one of my favorite things to do this summer. I do not know if this will be considered the summer vacation, knowing we stayed only four days. I hope my sister is helping you and doesn’t become a problem. This was one of the most memorable visits out of all the rest because, of the new town, place and animals. I hope grandpa’s eye surjury goes well and doesn’t become blind. If we had to choose a summer vacation, visiting all of you in the country would have my vote.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Jasmine 2006

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Ian 2006

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Joey 2006

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Our California kiddos arrived safe and sound yesterday evening. Their flight was delayed, the storms were brewing all over Tulsa, I briefly lost our cell phone and went on a mission to retrieve it, then we retrieved Terri, Joey, Ian and Jasmine, we loaded them in the van and we brought them to our new home.

They seem to love the animals and the larger house but Joey misses grandpa's cozy bachelor pad...... They brought us their school pictures which I shall proudly post now. Enjoy looking at these cuties.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yep, the baby arrived today............a brother for Nora! We believe his name is Grant. His Great Grandmother Elizabeth believes his name is Grant, so we'll be confused if that doesn't stick. Elenore is an excited and relieved grandmother and David feels like a charmed grandfather because yesterday was David's birthday and he will most likely consider this first grandson his best present ever.


Today things are quiet at the New NOL-NOC Estates. This is only the calm before the next storm of grandchildren.

We took Ryan, Dillon and Beth back to Tulsa yesterday. Last night Slim and I had to herd the chickens all by ourselves. We both were a little melancholy as we walked quietly around the property, keeping track of all the chickens and remembering the ten nights before with laughter, stick fights, bon-fires mixed with typical sibling rivalry.

Thursday Joey, Ian and Jasmine arrive with their mother for a brief visit. We cannot wait for them to see our place and to tell us all about their fun and friends and experiences in San Diego.

We had lunch with mother yesterday. She was certainly in great spirits. She enjoyed talking about her newest great-grandchild that will be born today. Yes, Nora gets a brother or sister today. Karen and Scott chose not to know which until he or she debuts, thus leaving all the rest of us in limbo. We can't wait!

Print and Elaine are back from Florida and Print is busy with his new Razor phone. It seems like retirement has only brought him a new list of things to do, only this time they are of his own choosing.

Elenore is in Chicago and Chelle is in Wyoming which left Jessi to read and comment on my blog. Dillon and Beth were thrilled with Aunt Jessi's comments......and, yes, Dillon has learned well from his Aunt Jessi:-) Ryan finally made his entry on my blog so be sure and look.

Today should be a productive but quiet day as we prepare for the next family visit. I started the morning by falling down and cutting my pinky finger. I bled like a stuck pig and scared Ron to death, but all is well except for the irritating pain that I will have all day as I attempt to work. I truly am an "antique little girl" as I stumble and fall and bump into things because I get in too great a hurry as I move forward with anticipation and excitement.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Hello Blogers. This is Ryan speaking. Granny's new place is cool with a capital K. We’ve seen a lot of movies. We’ve gone to Kansas twice. It’s been a fun trip. Well that’s all I’ve got to say. Ta-ta. I shall miss you all. : ) Well Bye. Why are you still here? I thought I said bye. Get out of here. The story’s over. Don’t make me call security. I will! LOL. Oh yeah I almost forgot. Happy F-Day. (Fathers Day)

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

The children went with me shopping the other day. They laughed as I whined about having to buy eggs. The chickens have been adjusting to their new home and we weren't getting any eggs. It felt very strange to have to buy a dozen eggs.

We got the groceries home, put them away and went outside to feed the chickens. Before I even got inside the hen house I could see a few eggs in a nest. Inside there were two nests full of eggs. We've been gathering eggs as usual every day since.

Wish I could mail eggs. Elenore is in Chicago, Chelle in Wyoming, Print and Elaine have been in Florida......Tandy better be ready for a lot of eggs when we bring the kids home.

Friday, June 16, 2006


We have been concerned about Beth's nourishment. She was practically living on pickles and fudge-sicles. She did not like the bread we eat, she doesn't eat eggs, can't stand rice, etc.

We took the children to Pat's Place restaurant on their Chicken Fried Steak night. We all ordered the special. It was very surprising and relieving to see Beth eat like there was no tomorrow. She would not eat the salad but she ate potatoes, corn, and better than half of a huge chicken fried steak.

Grandpa and I both marveled and Grandpa said, "We should have been bringing you here everyday to get you to eat." and Beth replied, "I just love anything with chicken in it!" She thought she had been eating chicken. We about died laughing.

I shared this story with Beth's Aunt Chelle and her response was, "I never dreamed Beth was sooooooo Blonde." LOL

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Welcome all to Granny Anny’s blog. I’m here visiting her new home until Monday! I know most of you are thinking “Wow, that is a LOOOOOOONG time. Well you can believe that it won’t be longer to anyone but me. Now I know you’re all thinking (or shouting), “HEY, THAT IS NOT NICE!!!!”. But believe me, eleven days (I got here on Thursday) of early wakeups, and long mornings of work would seem reeeeeeeeaaallllly long to you too. In fact, I just got in from one of those long mornings of work, and it feels like somebody dunked my socks in water. Water that smells like popcorn. Sweaty popcorn. Now I know all of you are screaming, “WHOA, TMI (too much information) TMI !!!!!!!!!!” and I am sorry to say that you are very right. Well it’s about time for me to wrap it up now. I know half of you are running around the room in tiny circles shouting “NO DON’T GO, WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT YOU?!?!?!?!?”. But sadly, the other half is jumping up and down shouting “HE’S LEAVING, HE’S LEAVING, YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Please don’t cry, I know it’s hard. Okay that’s it, you group of blubbering weirdos are too much for me. I’m leaving. (But seriously, BLOGGERS RULE, but please, get a tissue)


June 22 we shall be greeting not only Jasmine, but she will be accompanied by her mother and brothers! Hip, hip hooray! We are very pleased and excited. Terri and the boys will only stay a few days. Boo hoo (: But Jasmine will stay into July and will be her Grandpa's nurse after his eye surgery. Yea! Hooray!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today we are going to Kansas. We are going to pack up more stuff. Grandpa Ron will mow while we are packing.

On Wednesday me and granny are going to clean the whole house and the boys are going to work more outside. I am going to paint the door -- clap, clap, I can't wait.

Grandpa Ron has to get something done to his eyes. I don't remember what it is called. I'll let granny type what it's called. (cataract surgery). Thank you.

We are going to go home next Monday. I am looking forward to Jasmine's visit. Awesome. I want to see her.


Ryan, Dillon, Beth pose at the lake....almost IN the lake!
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